Atlasloot Enhanced

AtlasLoot Enhanced This mod is distributed under Version 2 of the GPL. A copy of the GPL is included in this zip file with links to non-...


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AtlasLoot Enhanced

This mod is distributed under Version 2 of the GPL. A copy of the GPL is included in this zip file with links to non-english translations.


Patch Notes
Added PvP, T2, T1, T0 Armour sets (thanks to Asurn for helping with data assimilation)
Removed the default 'Boss:' prefix from headers that didn't need them
Trad. Chinese Update

French, German and Trad. Chinese updates

Bigger Buttons
Fixed problem for external addons hooking into Atlasloot
Attempted fix for Noth text in the German client, let me know if it works.
Attempted fix for localisation of set names, let me know if it works
Fixed framestrata error appearing in FrameXML.log
Simp. Chinese update

Set interface re-programmed
Added T3 Sets to Naxx page
Added the Observer to DM North on Gordok's table
Simp. Chinese Update
Naxx Update

VanCleef's Head graphic fixed.
Added ZG NR Enchant
Added Ribbly Screwspigot
Added Rockshard Pellets and Murloc Skin Bag
German Update
French Update and bugfix

Fixed a number of typos
Viper, Defias and Scarlet sets added.
Localised armor set text
Quest items needed for armor sets localised
Reordering of some boss loot
Naxx updated

German update for Atlas v1.7.5
Bug fix for people without Atlas installed
Drop Rates added to SFK, RC, SM, Uld, RFD, ZF, Mara, ST, Deadmines, WC, BFD, Stockade and Gnomeregan (thanks Pownas!)
Naxx Update

Korean Update
German Update
French Update
Major XML and LUA reworking (HUGE Props to Telic for the ideas and most of the implementation)
Stub for Fixed price DKP entry
Added BRD Houndmaster
Fixed some dodgy MC colouring
More Naxx data :-)

Simp. Chinese Update
French Update
More Naxx data :-)
Added BRD Princess

French Update
Korean Update
German Update
Updated Ouro Loot
Updated Naxx Loot
Added Tablet of Flame Shock VI
Added better bag descriptions and Binding of the Windseeker description
Added Libram of Divinity

Fixed Red Dragonscale Breastplate (en)
Trad. Chinese Update
Added Primal Hakkari Idol
Added the Polymorph: Turtle book for Mages
Added some more Naxx data
Added data to the Grim Guzzler in BRD
Added Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz in ZF (en)
Added a missing Ouro drop

Updated Simp. Chinese
Added new ZG drops
Fixed popup bug on non-english clients

Fixed ZF to mach Atlas v1.7.4
Seperated the Tier 0.5 Summonables to match Atlas v1.7.4 English (other languages as soon as Atlas is ready)
Now checks the Atlas version is compatible.
Completed WSG Pants Data
Filled in some gaps in Naxx

Fix to match Atlas v1.7.4 UBRS changes
Upgraded ZG and AQ20 Sets to Epic Quality.

Trad. Chinese Update
Updated toc for patch 1.11

Added Warsong Gulch Rep Rewards
Added Zandalar Signets
Added ZG Trash drops
Added BRD Chests
Minor AQ Corrections
Implemented Phase One of database and localisation optimisations
French and German Updates
Reordering and cleanup of loot tables.

Updated French localisation

Bug fixed CORRECTLY this time :-)

Minor bugfix
Minor German update

Updated German, Korean, Simp. Chinese and Trad. Chinese translations
Drop Rate text localised
Safe item links now enabled by default

Added Alterac Valley Rep Rewards and Arathi Basin Rep Rewards (lvl60)
Added Stubs for Naxxramas loot using all the test server data I could find

Updated Traditional Chinese and Korean translations
Fix to boss names having the first couple of letters cut off in the German translation.

Updated German, Simp. Chinese and Trad. Chinese translations
Now asks for setup when run for the first time.
Added Dire Maul Books
Tweaked Lootlink Handling
Re-arrangement of AQ20 Class Sets
AQ and ZG Class Sets now labeled with class name
Moved Solekar Flamewreath to his own table (de only)
Added AQ Enchants
Added Tier 0.5 Quest Summonables
Added ZG Enchants

Updated French, German, Simp. Chinese and Korean translations
Added Ace of Warlords, Ace of Portals

Updated French and German localisations
Added Smoking Heart of the Mountain to Lord Roccor (BRD)
Added Solakar Flamewreaths loot to 'Father Flame' on UBRS
Added Cat Carrier to Cookie (Deadmines)
Added Thick Obsidian Breastplate plans to Skeram (AQ40)
Added Onyxia Hide Backpack to Onyxia
Added Pusillin's unique drops to 'Pusillin Chase Ends' DM East
Added Knot Thimblejack's Cache
Flagged and seperated T0 loot in UBRS (en, de)
Added better profession descriptions on plans/schematics/etc (en,de)

Fixed some more typos in the English version
Updated German Translation
Added World Spawns in anticipation of a new Atlas version and to give translators time to work on it.

Updated Simplified Chinese translation
Fixed a number of typos in the English translation

Added Traditional Chinese support

Font fix for asian languages (I hope!)

Updated Korean Translation
Better use of artwork (now an atlas symbol next to bosses with loot)

Fixed minor xml oversight

Added Chinese translation from unauthorised version

Slight positioning change to deal with long text (like in ZG)
Added details to ZG item sets

Added Korean localisation provided by k2hyun
Fixed French localisation to work with Atlas 1.7.2
Added a symbol to the right of boss line to indicate if there is loot. Changes color to indicate currently selected boss.

Added AQ40 Class Set

Updated French and German Translations
Added AQ20 and ZG Class Sets
Minor changes to fit Atlas 1.7.2

Updated French and German Translations
Converted all text strings to global variables for translation
Partial translation of the Options menu
English localisation cleanup

Fixed Options screen bug regarding optional dependancies being removed
Fixed MC Random Boss Items
Updated German translation (thanks Asurn)

Review of English localisation. Fixed some bugs and layout issues.

Patch 1.11 Ready!
Reorder and cleanup of MC (en)
Fixed Felheart Slippers bug
Fixed Blessed Qiraji Warhammer bug
AtlasLoot no longer overwrites the colour of the text in Atlas. This was prompted by the awesome looking Naxx map with coloured text in Atlas 1.7. Clickable bosses still highlight on mouseover though.

Random Boss loot in MC added
Scholo complete
ZG Summonables added
Total revamp of German translation (thanks Asurn)

DM North Fix (de)

Minor xml update
Fixed floating Options title
Fixed the boss titles
Added start of Scholo

Fixed bug causing tooltips to scroll off the edge of the screen.
Minor Thekal fix

Atlas 1.7 Compliant
Added bug fix to deal with Atlas's new startup
Fix to DM North (de) due to text change in Atlas 1.7
Fix to SM (de) due to text change in Atlas 1.7
Added missing UD Strat loot

Minor bug fixes with the German client
Sorting of lbrs loot

Fixed minor bug in German client.

Completed Strat and LBRS leaving only Scholo to do
NUMEROUS loot fixes
Fixed bug with boss names not displaying properly

Fix AQ20 Formatting
Fix AQ20 for German Client

Dressing Room Support (control-click on items)
Item Highlighting on mouseover
French Localization file
Ability to turn off EquipCompare (except with ItemSync tooltips as ItemSync uses the GameTooltip)
Added asurn's data: UBRS, Strat (partial), DM Tribute and many drop rates (That was AWESOME)

MASSIVE cleanup of the code base
Added AQ40 Trash drops
Added ZG Shared drops (Primal Hakkari Stuff)
Added AQ20 Class Books

Added support for EquipCompare

Fixed bug where atlasloot was highjacking the /atlas command

Fixed problem with Garr
Added drop rates to Blackwing Lair
Added Blackwing Lair Trash Mobs epic drops

Fixed ZG Bug
Added code to allow drop rate to be added to tooltips, regardless of tooltip mode.

Huge thank-you to asurn for DM, BRD and Shadowfang info

-First Version, same as Pernicius's v1.03a version, but without the ItemSync tooltip bug

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