Another vital mod to have, atleast to be a successful master of the auction. Here we have the latest update to Auctioneer, which works wit...


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Another vital mod to have, atleast to be a successful master of the auction. Here we have the latest update to Auctioneer, which works with exactly what the name says, the Auction! It helps you choose the best choice when putting items up for auction, and assist you in finding what your looking for with a search choice. Even if your out in the middle of the Eastern plaguelands, you will know how much your loot is worth on the auction just by putting your cursor over it. Theres plenty of other features too, so go on and download one of the many famous mods for WoW here.

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This plugin provides you with in-game data on data that is collated by you at the auction house. You trigger the data gathering by either clicking the 'Scan' button on the main page of the Auction House, or by typing '/auctioneer scan' manually.

It provides you with methods to identify the bargains at the auction house (the percentless and bidbroker commands) by identifying price trends and then finding items that will buyout or bidout for less than the trend data suggests should be it's correct price. By identifying these items, you can play the market. Buying low and then relisting at the market norm.

This plugin also provides you with a database of vendor buy and sell prices, what professions will use the item and stack sizes for a relativly large set (about 7000) of common in-game items. This data is presented when you mouse over an item, and the tooltip appears (Yes, even when looting)

I would like to personally thank Araband for the massive amount of work that he did getting this new version of Auctioneer out, and I fear that without his help, you would not be seeing such a great product as it is today.

I would also like to thank the many people who helped with the beta's bug testing, and numerous suggestions for improvements. We really appreciate the work that you've all done with the testing and appreciate you taking the time out to give us the feedback that we needed to make this release as good as it is. I know I speak for both Araband and myself when I say we couldn't have done as well without you!

What's new?

With all the new features and improvements, the amount of data that needs to be stored has increased, and hence the memory consumption of the addon has increased. So you will need to increase the addon memory allocation.
Doing this however is easy, and can be done in the AddOns configuration by clicking on the 'AddOns' button in the lower left hand corner of the character selection screen just after you have logged in.

The new command is '/auctioneer scan', however there is a new convenient 'Scan' button in the Auction House that makes this a simple click operation, so you don't have to type anything anymore.

The main features to look for in this version are:
# Added median calculations to the core Auctioneer code to allow better resistance to outliers [Coded by Araband]
# Added percentless command to identify really good buyout auctions [Coded by Araband]
# Added bidbroker command to identify short or medium auctions with attractivly low bids [Coded by Araband]
# Added broker command to identify any length auctions with attractivly low bids [Coded by Araband]
# Added compete to show you people who are priced a given amount lower than your auctions.
# Added auction price autofill to automatically put the minimum bid and buyout prices when you place an auction
Auctioneer will now autofill your minimum bid and buyout prices for your auctions based on the price data for that item and will automatically undersell your competition. [Coded by Araband]
# Removed dependancy on LootLink altogether. Auctioneer will now run completely with or without LootLink. (NOTE: no longer use '/lootlink scan' to scan the AH. Instead, use the scan button in the AH window, or '/auctioneer scan')
# Changed tooltip to be seperate from the original tooltip. (configurable - use /auctioneer embed on to put it back to the old behaviour)
# Added mesh preview to the tooltips for Weapons, Helms, Shoulders, Shields and Held items. (use /auctioneer show-mesh off to disable the meshes. Meshes are also not compatible with the embed option above)
Note: This is only a preview of the mesh, and not of the textures. It is only to give you an idea of the shape of the item.
# Added localization abstraction to make it easier to localize future versions of Auctioneer.
# And of course, the multitude of bugfixes.

Recommended things to try out

The main set of new commands you should try after scanning the auction house are:
/auctioneer percentless
/auctioneer broker
/auctioneer bidbroker
/auctioneer compete

The percentless algorithm highlights all items which may be bought out for a given (60% default) percent less than the highest sellable price for this item. These people don't know what the items they have are worth!!! Buy them up and relist them at a better price. $$$

The bidbroker algorithm is similar in operation to the percentless one, but works on the bid price instead of the buyout price and are less than medium time left. These are items that for some freak of nature haven't sold. You can bid on these items and then relist them at a better time of the day/week to make cash.

The compete algorithm shows all the items that people are selling for less than your item of the same type. They are undercutting you, so you can buy their stuff and relist it at your price to make money off their folly.


These algorithms can only highlight which items to look at buying, you should use your common sense and market knowledge to determine if/when to buy the item. But it sure beats wading through the 100's of duds to find the diamonds.

When you first start using auctioneer, the prices that you get may not be as accurate as those you have after a week, or a month of use.

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