Autobar (Toadkiller) v1.12.03

Configurable set of 24 buttons that seeks out configured items in your inventory for easy use. You can assign hot keys to a slot. Each slot...


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Configurable set of 24 buttons that seeks out configured items in your inventory for easy use. You can assign hot keys to a slot. Each slot can be customized to have whatever you want in it. You can have specific items smart selfcast if your target is not valid.

Examples: Bandage slot - It will always show the best bandage available. In battlegrounds it will show the BG specific bandage if you have it. Potion slots - It will show the best potion available, but use the appropriate one to heal / restore the mana you need. If you do not need mana or health, it wont use a potion and if you only need a little bit of health or mana it will use a cheaper potion if one is available. Protection potions slot - From Arcane to Shadow & even Invulnerability and Spell reflection potions. Mount slot - The default will use your race's mounts or special mounts (ZG etc.), or Ahn'Qiraj mounts if you are in AQ40 or AQ20. If you use another race's mount simply add their mount category to your mount slot items. Food slot - Any of dozens of foods automatically go into this slot. You can set up more slots for foods with buffs so you can eat those as appropriate. Pet Food - You can set up a slot with pet food and enable having a right mouse button click feed the pet. Make your own slots - Found some kool stuff not yet supported in Autobar? Drag & drop it into your own custom slots.

* Ctrl-right-click on any button & drag to reposition the bar, or use the drag handle provided. Click on the drag handle to lock / unlock the bar. * To restore default categories, click the bar reset button. To reset the display, click the display reset button.

* Type /atb or /autobar, set up a key binding, or right click on the drag handle to bring up the config dialog. *For smart selfcast of targeted items like bandages either check the Smart Self Cast checkbox, or click on the item slot and then select the appropriate checkbox(es) on the list that comes up. * Use the column / rows sliders to choose vertical or horizontal orientation for the bar, and the reverse buttons checkbox to reverse the grow direction for the bar. * Click on a slot to edit what it displays: either a single item or a combination of items. * The LAST (bottom) item in your combination list has the highest priority & will show up in the slot while you have some of it in inventory. If you run out of it, the next item above it shows up etc. *When using items applied to a weapon (poisons, mana oil, sharpening stones, etc) left-click the button for main weapon, right click for offhand weapon. Using a keybinding will apply it to your main weapon. *You can drag items around to change their order for both the slots in the bar & for the categories in each slot. *You can drag items from your bags to a slots categories buttons *If a slot has 2 or more usable items they are displayed in a popup so you can select something other than the default item. You can modify this in the config panel.

Limitations: *This mod is for using items in your bags only. NO SPELLS are supported, this includes paladin & warlock mounts. *Similarly it is not for using equiped items. You can drag an iteminto a slot so that you can click autobar to equip it, however autobar will not "use" any special abilites of the item once it is equiped because at that point it is no longer in your bags. *For trinkets I would recommend something like TrinketMenu, for armor & weapons, Itemrack is an excellent addon. *No cooldown counter beyond the blizzard one. If you need one, please use OmniCC, it works & is superior to the discontinued ABInfo in almost every way.

Notes: 1) Original author is Saien who quit wow. I am maintaining this until he returns. 2) ONLY for inventory items, specifically no spells, pally or lock mounts, or anything else you can't put in your bag and click on. If you want spell support try something like Switcher or any of the million caster mods out there.

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