I've only had this addon for a couple days but it really does cut down on vendoring time. Less fiddling with inventory means more time laying the smack down! :rock:

AutoProfit is a World of Warcraft addon written by Game Guides Online author Jason Allen. It adds a small button to merchant frames that allows you to sell every gray item in your inventory to the vendor instantly.

AutoProfit has been downloaded over 30,000 times so far. That's quite a large number of users as far as WOW addons go.

Trudging through over 80 slots of inventory looking for vendor trash after a night of adventuring can take an annoyingly long time. AutoProfit turns what used to take several minutes of clicking and searching into a single button press.

Even with all the WOW addons available, I can't live without it. It's just too convenient.

You can download the latest version of AutoProfit using the download button below. WoW Addons Advanced Usage You can now add exceptions to AutoProfit's functionality. If you don't want a particular gray item sold, simply type: /autoprofit [item link] (Except instead of [item link] shift-click the item you want to have an exception for) and that item will no longer be automatically sold. To remove the item from the exceptions list, repeat the command.

You can also add white items to be automatically sold by AutoProfit in the same way (white items normally aren't sold.) Add the white item to the exceptions list and AutoProfit will sell that item automatically.

/autoprofit list - lists all the items currently on your exceptions list.

/autoprofit purge - clears your exception list.

/autoprofit [number] - removes an item from your exceptions list at that location.

/autoprofit - lists all the commands.

/autoprofit silent - toggles AutoProfit's verbose mode on and off.

/autoprofit auto - toggles AutoProfit's automatic selling feature on and off. When automatically selling items, the button is removed and all junk items are immediately sold when visiting a vendor.

Try it out! I hope it earns a permanent place in your collection.

What's New in 4.1:

* Updated TOC. * AutoProfit is now compatible with the latest patch (January, 2007) and the Burning Crusade. * I describe in my article Using 3D Models in WOW Addon Design how I created the button . I think it looks great and it was easy to do. If you're a mod author definitely check out that article.

This is one of my first projects, but I'm planning on making quite a few more.


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