This addon facilitates quick or automated junk sales. Given the political history, I want to first make a few comments before describing the addon. Trouncer wrote AutoProfit, and things were good - for a while. It wasn't actively maintained, and so various people submitted patched versions (under new titles, as he didn't support uploading patches.) When he did get around to updating, he complained about the forks - and updates on the forks stopped. Since then, he hasn't updated his version again, either. As there were outstanding feature requests (some even from me), I made updates to the fork I liked the best, and submitted them as patches - but patches are apparently deleted after a time, so I had to keep submitting. As that's a hassle, I'm releasing my own fork. I would be happy if Bigzero or Trouncer want to take this code as their own, and proceed on their work from there.

Most of what follows is Bigzero's description of AutoProfitX, although I have modified it as appropriate for the changes I have made.



AutoProfitX adds a small button to the vendor screen that allows you to sell all your gray items with only one click. You can add gray items to the exception list (see commands below) if you do not want to sell them, or add better quality items to the same list if you want to get rid of them. The exception list is configurable individually for each of your characters with the ability to import the list from another character.

As of v1.2 AutoProfitX stores items on exception list by their itemIDs. This decreases the memory used by the list by more than half (depends on the size of the list). As a result, however, when performing 'list' command, some items may be displayed as [Unsafe item (id ####)]. Clicking on such link will query the server for item info and the next time you perform /autoprofitx list command, the link will appear as usual. However, clicking an unsafe item link may disconnect your client from the server, though this is highly unlikely. This would have happened in previous versions as well, except without a warning.

This addon is a modification of AutoProfit v4.00 by Trouncer (http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=3537). It fixes a bug that would miss certain items that needed to be sold. This mod also introduces the individually configurable exception lists.

To use this addon, all you need to do is click on the button at the top right corner of the vendor window and all gray items will be sold. The button can be positioned anywhere you want by right-click-dragging, or shift-right-click-dragging (see below).


/autoprofitx [item link]([item link]...)|r: Add an item to all your character exception lists.
/autoprofitx rem [item link]([item link]...)|r: Remove an item from all your character exception lists.
/autoprofitx me [item link]([item link]...)|r: Add or remove an item from your exception list.
/autoprofitx tmp [item link]([item link]...)|r: Add or remove an item from your temporary (one time hit) exception list.
/autoprofitx list|r: List all items on your exception list. Clicking unsafe item may cause your client to disconnect.
/autoprofitx [itemid]|r: Remove an item from your exception list based on its itemid.
/autoprofitx purge|r: Remove all items from your exception list.
/autoprofitx import [name]@[realm]|r: Import an exception list from a different character. Realm is optional (defaults to current realm. Omit @). Case sensitive!!!
/autoprofitx silent|r: Toggles sale reporting on and off. (Default: ON)
/autoprofitx auto|r: Toggles automatic selling on and off. (Default: OFF)
/autoprofitx getunsafe|r: Toggles automatic aquisition of unsafe item information. (Default: OFF)
/autoprofitx dock|r: Puts the AutoProfitX button in it's default position and attaches it to the merchant window.
/autoprofitx rotate|r: Disables rotating the treasure icon if there's nothing to sell. (Default: OFF)
/autoprofitx unusable|r: treat as junk soulbound items which cannot be used by the current character due to class. (Default: OFF)
/autoprofitx strict|r: Toggles strict usablity checking. (Default: OFF)
/apx can be used instead of /autoprofitx.
Right-click-drag to move the AutoProfitX button on the merchant window. Shif_right-click-drag to detatch the button from the merchant window.

Note that this version of AutoProfitX will only sell 12 items at a time for safety reasons - if there is something wrong with the 'unusable' feature which causes it to sell an item it shouldn't, one can go to the buyback pane and buy it back.

There are also substantial performance improvements in this version over AutoProfit and AutoProfitX - most notably with regards to very large exception lists.

Suggestions and bug reports are absolutely welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!

Trouncer: thank you for writing the original addon.
Bigzero: thank you for adding per-character exception lists, and bugfixing AutoProfit.
wingedkat: thank you for the commentary about the rotating treasure icon.
lassevk: thank you for the request for the temporary exclusion list.
Cerunnos: thank you for the selling unusable stuff idea.
Cathmor: thank you for AutoProfit & Beyond (while I didn't use it or any code from it, I still appreciated it - and I'm still trying to come up with a way to elegantly code the 'toss a junk item' feature. Not to say your method wasn't elegant, I actually haven't looked at it.)
Dennii: thank you for the bug report.
wolviex (and I believe other people I've missed): thank you for the suggestion on reporting value of items sold.

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