Baden's ManaSaver v2.4.6

Baden's ManaSaver Mod, version 2.4.4 - Baden - Dragonmarch - Silvermoon Server - Arax - Dragonmarch - Silvermoon Server

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Baden's ManaSaver Mod, version 2.4.4 - Baden - Dragonmarch - Silvermoon Server - Arax - Dragonmarch - Silvermoon Server


I made this mod to address a problem with my own druid play style. I, like most people that I know, use the most powerful healing abilities that they own, all the time. However, if you look at the healing abilities, like "Healing Touch," you will see that each level of the ability heals a different amount of health and costs a different amount of mana. So, I was finding that in an instance, I was healing a mage at half health using Healing Touch and always filling her health back up to full. I realized that this was "over-kill," as I was healing more health than needed to get her to full health, and the extra health was wasted. But, how to figure out the most efficient level Healing Touch to cast? That is where this mod came into existence.

The mod, ManaSaver, basically calculates how much health a target needs to be brought up to full health (called health delta). Then, ManaSaver progressively looks at each level of a healing spell, starting at level 1, and determines the lowest level spell that can reasonably heal the target to full health. It then casts that level of the spell, rather than your maximum level. In the case where the target is so hurt you cannot heal to full health, it casts the maximum level of the spell. If the target is not in your party or raid, hence we cannot access actual hit points, the mod casts the maximum spell you have enough mana to cast. If the target is an enemy, the mod casts the healing spell on you, without changing the target. The mod takes talent and items healing bonuses (thanks to BonusScanner) into account, and will only cast a spell rank you have enough mana to cast.

It is important to note that ManaSaver has an optional dependency with BonusScanner, which it uses to collect item healing bonuses. For your convenience, ManaSaver is bundled with BonusScanner. Should you turn BonusScanner off, or uninstall it, ManaSaver will continue to function, but not include any healing bonuses from your equipment.

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