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For setup and usage (and more) information, please refer to the included readme file.

BeneCast is a tool to help the player cast beneficial spells on themselves, their party members, and friendly targets. It does so by allowing the player to pick and choose what spells they want to show up as clickable buttons from the BeneCast interface. The interface can be accessed by clicking on the BeneCast button on the Minimap frame, it should look like a little book in a circle.

Who can use Benecast? Currently these classes can benefit from the use of BeneCast: Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, and Warlock.



BeneCast - by Skurel
[email protected]
1.152 - 04/01/2005
Make buttons hide when you can't cast spells. Such as when you are stunned
or silenced.

Ressurection buttons!
These are things I will not work on. Someone else is welcome to try their
hand at playing around with BeneCast to get these to work.

Range detection on spells, so that they can be shaded when out of range.

Shade buttons based on current mana.

Buttons for pets.
BeneCast is a tool to help the player cast beneficial spells on themselves, 
their party members, and friendly targets. It does so by allowing the player to 
pick and choose what spells they want to show up as clickable buttons from the 
BeneCast interface. The interface can be accessed by clicking on the BeneCast 
button on the Minimap frame, it should look like a little book in a circle.

Who can use Benecast? Currently these classes can benefit from the use of
BeneCast: Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, and Warlock
To use BeneCast, simply unzip the contents of this zip file into 
C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\
Replace C:\Program Files\ to the directory you have your World of Warcraft
installed if it is different. There is no need to configure any of the files.
Open up the BeneCast interface by clicking the BeneCast button on the Minimap
frame. You can also specify a key binding for the toggling of of the interface.
There you can check what spells you wish to show as BeneCast buttons for
the Player and class frames. Each tab on the bottom of the BeneCastFrame
corresponds to a different class, spells configured for that class will appear
for that class. The first tab is the player tab, which will have your name in the
tooltip. In addition, the button size for each class is for each BeneCastMember
is configurable under the appropriate tab. If you want, under the player tab you
can specify to have changes in the configuration of the player to applyto all
members. Note, this chages the settings for everyone for fast basic party

Party Notification options are located in the Setup tab. Only onechannel can be
selected at a time. The self channel only gives feedback to theplayer. Check what
you wish to allow to show in the Party Notification channel.

There are a number of other options in the Setup tab. You can determine what each
option does by reading the tooltips that appear when you mouse over them.

BeneCastMember frames can now be moved. They are locked into place, but can be
unlocked by right-clicking on the BeneCastFrame(not the buttons) and clicking on
the locked option in the dropdown menu. Note, that the name of the associated
member is also shown, to help you keep track of whose buttons you're moving.
After the frame is unlocked you can left-click and drag the frame where you like.
To lock the frame right-click on the frame and click on the locked option in the
dropdown menu. The BeneCastFrame can also be moved, but it does not lock into
place. You can also move the MiniMap button if you unlock frames in the Setup

Heal spells always show up on the frames you specify, save for group heals.
Group heals will only show under the player frame, unless the healer is a Shaman,
in which case they can choose who to cast Chain Heal on. Heal over time spells
flash when the associated heal effect is on the member.

Buff spells will only show when the associated member of your party or target do 
not have the effects of that buff on them. It does not take into account the 
strength of the buff. If you can cast a better buff on the target it will not
show the button, I leave this out for now because tooltips of a buff icon will 
not take talents into account.

Cure spells will only show when the associated member of your party or target 
has an effect on them which you can cure.

A maximum of 10 buttons are shown at once. The precedence in which they are shown are:
	Party Only Buffs
	Self Only Buffs
Mousing over the spell buttons show the tooltips for the highest rank spell you can 
cast with the mana you had when you moused over. The lower your mana, the lower the
spell rank of the spell in the tooltip.

To cast the spell you want, simply click on the BeneCast button which has the 
texture of the spell you wish to cast.

Strength of a spell is based on various things:
The default strength of the heal spells is the maximum strength you can cast at your
current mana. Holding down the shift key while clicking causes the strength of the heal
to be based on the current health of the target you wish to cast it on. The shift
functionality can be switched under the settings tab in the BeneCastFrame by checking
the Damage Based Heals button. There is also a lower bound on all heal over time spells,
making the target unable to receive a heal with a spell level greater than their level
+ 10.

The strength of a cure spell is always the highest possible strength unless the 
shift key is held, in which case the weakest strength is cast. This is because 
the cure spells often come in two strengths, the stronger usually curing 
multiple effects at once or over time. I leave which to cast up to the player. This
functionality is also switched when checking the Damage Based Heals in the setup.

The strength of a buff is always the highest strength possible for the target. 
This also has a lower bound based on level. The target cannot receive a buff 
with a spell level greater than their level + 10.
v 1.152
Fixed error with group buttons out of range
Fixed error when loading BeneCast without configuring it
Changed frame borders around the buttons back
Made Frost Ward and Fire Ward self buffs and both hide if one is is active

v 1.151
Fixed error with HoT buttons
Changed frame border around the buttons

v 1.15
toc number changed to 1300
Changed the color of the frame to the default tooltip border to better blend
	with the default UI.
Attempted fix for unclickable buttons
Fixed ordering of deterimining cures in order to have PW:S hide when weakened soul
	is in effect on the intended target
Made Dampen and Amplify Magic party only
Side tabs
Setup based on class
Option for showing tooltips and showing only the spell name in tooltips
Added an option to make button frames movable in the Setup tab
Added overheal functionality when doing damage based healing
Added the option to always overheal when casting heals based on damage
Added a slider to specify the number of ranks you wish to overheal
BeneCast target buttons now show for party members
No longer loses the current target if the target is friendly but not the
	recipient of a spell
Ensured the BeneCastMinimap button would be above the minimap frame
Added spells: Barkskin, Mage Armor, Gift of the Wild, and Prayer of Fortitude
	Gift of the Wild and Prayer of Fortitude only appear for the current target
MoW and PW:F should now hide if their respective group buff is on the intended target
Made Renew level based
Added the option to show buffs at all times
Added Key Binding for toggling the option to show buffs at all times, buffs that are
	on the target are grayed out
Made all party only spells extend into raid groups
No more FrameXML log errors! Fontstrings are not already registered
Clarified and tweaked the functionality of Player As Default

v 1.14
Fixed targeting issue in v1.13
Added Divine Intervention
Fixed issue with buttons 7-10 not resizing

v 1.13
Divine Spirit rank 1 now has spell level of 30
Made it so casting a self only buff never results in switching targets
Casting when you are targetting a unit you can attack no longer switches
	targets(mainly an issue while dueling)
Fixed _spell_level table so that the correct spell level for the
	target is chosen again. Turns out that the table index starts at 1,
	not 0... So much for the placeholder. :P
Fixed issues with BeneCastState[UnitName('player')] having a nil value
Added Fear Ward

v 1.12
Made the button borders resize correctly when they get really small
Fixed a bug where member frames would show, but not the buttons, if
	the member was out of range
Cleaned up the flash so that the texture scales correctly and hides
	when done flashing
	Made the flash act like buffs when about to expire
Fixed a bug when doing anything that starts the casting bar(such as
	gathering/crafting) when you are a rogue, warrior or hunter
Fixed an error in PartyNotify where 'poison' was a heal instead of
Fixed an error where going in an out of instances would result in
	multiple entries in the spell table
Sped up loading the AddOn when first entering the world
Made the BeneCastMember frame for the target not cause the TargetFrame
	framelevel to rise rapidly
Attempted to increase performance when targeting
Cleaned up _spell_level table a ton
Made it so buttons correctly appear when first entering the world
BeneCastFrame unregisters its events if class is rogue, hunter, or warrior
PW:S now stays hidden if Weakened Soul is on the intended target
Made Blessing of Sacrifice and Blessing of Salvation party only
Made slowfall a selfbuff
Added Divine Favor
Tweaked placement of buttons
Reworded to Shift for Max Heals to Damage Based Heals
Rearranged buttons to appear as follows HEALS:BUFFS:PARTY ONLY BUFFS:
Added a slashcommand for hiding/showing the BeneCast Options frame.
	Use /benecast or /bc
Put in a slider bar for the number of possible buttons

v 1.11
Made sure notification on instant cast spells is only shown when
	configured to
Fixed number string comparison in party notification

v 1.10
Tweaked notification function to allow spells with no rank

v 1.09
Fixed the bug where a cure magic effect button would appear if the unit
	had a buff that was a magic effect

v 1.08
Fixed a bug when announcing spells with no rank
Fixed a bug when casting or grabbing tooltips for a buff with no rank
Put in 'Use Player Settings for All' option
Added keybinding for BeneCast options
You can now hide the BeneCast Minimap button if you want
Added Frame Level cleanup to maintain good performance. Ick.

v 1.07
toc number raised to 4216
Raised up Party Member BeneCastMember frames 15 pixels
Reduced Button Spacing
Button size now saves
Can move BeneCastMember frames around
Lowered BeneCastMember frameStrata back to 'LOW' since you can move 'em
Can lock and unlock BeneCastMember frames by right clicking on the frame
Can move the BeneCastFrame
Added tooltips to the buttons when moused over
Independant settings for each BeneCastMember frame
Can toggle the Shift-Click functionality
Added a bunch of Notification options
Tweaked the clearing of relevant fields in BeneCast_Tooltips when done
	which makes curing spells only show when useful. Hopefully working
	as intended
Fixed a little bug with Nature's Swiftness (What I observed it in)
Fixed the bug when running in and out of instances
Performance boost when changing targets, especially if target is
	attackable or in the party
Made HoT buttons flash when effect is on (If I missed one tell me!)
Cooldown animations scale with button size
Dispel Magic now correctly targets the intended friendly if an enemy
	is currently targeted
Remove Lesser Curse now functions as Remove Curse
Made Blessing of Protection a Party Buff only
Removed Omen of Clarity (It's a weapon buff and I feel it doesn't

v 1.06
Made BeneCastMember frames of frameStrata = 'MIDDLE' does this work?
	Maybe. Didn't break it... Seems to work
Fixed the clearing of relevant fields in BeneCast_Tooltips when done
	which makes curing spells only show when useful
Made it so low mana does not result in casting a lower strength buff
Clicking the BeneCast button now toggles the BeneCastFrame visibility
Dispel Magic retargets last enemy if it unselected them prior to casting
Fixed problems with spells with no mana cost
Added Blessing of Kings, Innervate, Nature's Swiftness, Omen of Clarity,
	Focused Casting, Inner Focus, Ice Block, Cold Snap, Combustion,
	Evocation, Presence of Mind, Arcane Power, Amplify Curse, Dark Pact,
	Fel Domination,	Soul Link
Rolled Divine Protection and Divine Shield, Frost Armor and Ice Armor 
	into one spell type
Set precedence of buffs so that selfbuffs are shown before partybuffs 
	are shown before buffs
Fixed problem with button cooldowns starting before the buttons updated
Purify for Paladins may not have worked correctly, might be fixed now
	I don't really know! Tell me if problems crop up
Added more checkbuttons for Paladins and expansion for other classes

v 1.05
Fixed a nasty error when trying to load up buffs with no spell rank

v 1.04
Trying to ensure scope control. I hope I did it

v 1.03
Fixed a few of the spell level entries for Paladins

v 1.02
Cleaned up the code quite a bit
Updated for 02/15/2005 patch Interface: 4211
Fixed a bug with casting the wrong buff when clicking on a button
Fixed a bug where there were "blank" buttons when a group heal was checked
Made the BeneCast setup button hide if you can't use BeneCast

v 1.01
Fixed Error when trying to cast a cure
	Assuming there is no lower level bound for targets on cures
Fixed an error when first loading in with a character when BeneCast is enabled
Put in Cooldown animations on buttons!
Made buttons disappear for Druids when shapeshifted

v 1.00
BeneCast put out on website
Thank you danboo! Your loading of spells by reading the tooltip and spell 
choosing functions were invaluable in the writing of this mod. Thanks to all the 
other mod writers out there from which I learned from.

Thanks to Urlik! Without his valiant testing, Paladins would probably still be

Thanks to Tyndral and Effren! Their help with the unclickable buttons allowed me
to attemp a fix. Hopefully their efforts in helping me has paid off!

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