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BGFlag provides a more accurate status for the Warsong Gulch Battlegrounds. -When the flag is picked up, it will display the name of the flag carrier. -When the flag is at the base, it displays 'At Base' next to the icons at the top. -If the flag is dropped, it will say 'Dropped' next to the flag icon.

Useful if you are at a standstill for quite some time and you forget who has either flag. Instead of having to scroll through lines of chat to see what the Warsong Gulch Herald has to say about the flag status, just look at the top of your screen!

Also, if you click on the player's name and they are in range, it will (as of v1.8) target that player. Useful if there's a big battle and you can't seem to target the player running through tabs, or if you're a priest and want to select for Mind Vision.

Usage /bgflag enable /bgflag disable /bgflag clear - In case the display is somehow erroneous /bgflag lock - Prevents the frame from being moved /bgflag unlock - Allows the score and text to be moved /bgflag reset - In case you lose the score frame and want it back

Known (unavoidable) imperfections

If you enter in the middle of a game and someone already has the flag, it will (as of 1.9) display 'Unknown...' if the flag is not at the base. But when another action happens (return, score, drop, pick up) then it will adjust itself correctly. This is the closest to a correct display as is currently possible with modding.

Upcoming plans/possibilities -Localization for German (I need a German translator, read comments below) -Hover over the player's name for information (much like in the Battlegrounds score screen)

This is my first mod, and though I have tested it extensively, there obviously may be problems. Please leave any feedback and I will attempt to fix the errors.



Changes : 
Version History
-2.1 Adding keybindings for Target Friendly and Target Hostile (will work if you are horde or alliance), optimized the code to perform better. Entering the Battleground in the middle of the game will sometimes correctly show the flag status as "Unknown..." and sometimes not, and I am investigating on how to finally complete this addition.
-2.0 Added French localization, made frame position save across sessions, and fixed the Unknown flag status when entering in the middle of a game
-1.9 If entering in the middle of a game and the flag is currently not at base, it will now display 'Unknown...' until another action on that flag is performed.
-1.8 Added functionality to click on player's name to target them. Target must be in range, otherwise it will not work. Also added an anchor icon when one types /bgflag unlock to make moving the frame easier.
-1.7 Changed the status frame so it wouldn't obstruct the screen and invisibly overlap buff icons

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