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This mod will add vocal (spoken) sounds (thanks to AlphaShade) to important events in the Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley and Ey...


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This mod will add vocal (spoken) sounds (thanks to AlphaShade) to important events in the Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, Alterac Valley and Eye of the Storm battlegrounds.

'If you want to own in BGs, then this is the mod for you!'


Events currently supported are:

* Warsong Gulch Flag Picked Up (Taken) * Warsong Gulch Flag Returned * Warsong Gulch Flag Captured * Arathi Basin Node Assaulted * Arathi Basin Node Taken * Alterac Valley Graveyards Assaulted/Taken * Alterac Valley Towers Assaulted/Defended/Destroyed * Alterac Valley Gold Mine Taken * Alterac Valley Troops Upgrade * Alterac Valley Mounted Attack * Alterac Valley Captain Balinda Stonehearth Under Attack * Alterac Valley Captain Galvangar Under Attack * Alterac Valley Vanndar Stormpike Under Attack * Alterac Valley Drek'Thar Under Attack * Alterac Valley Alliance Launching Air Support * Eye of the Storm Alliance/Horde taken Node * Eye of the Storm Alliance/Horde lost Node * Eye of the Storm Alliance/Horde taken flag * Eye of the Storm Alliance/Horde drop flag * Eye of the Storm Flag reset


The mod will tell you who (Alliance/Horde) and what happened. In Warsong Gulch the mod will also tell you the scores (spoken as well) when 'The flags are returned to their bases' and you will get a regular score update in Arathi Basin and in the Eye of the Storm.

BGSoundAlerts contains an easy to use communication list to make it easier to request for aid and give orders to your teams with the touch of a button. Just bind a keybinding to the BGSoundAlerts comm-lists and you're ready to use them. (Setting a keybinding to the main comm-list is enough since that allows you to access the other comm-lists). Note: You will need to be in a battleground to open a comm-list.

It'll also play Victory/Defeat sounds in the end according to your score.

If there is anyone in the guild or battleground you are in that has an updated version of BGSoundAlerts, you will be notified that a new update is available here.

Also, anytime you receive an 'Inc' message (from your group), BGSoundAlerts will play a sound telling you of the incoming attack with the node destination or number. If your group sends a message containing any of the bosses health (eg. 'Drek at 42'), BGSoundAlerts will play a sound telling you the health of that boss out loud. Both these options can be disabled using the /bgsalerts options menu and unchecking 'Incoming Sounds'

Successive killing blows which are 10 seconds apart will play a sound according to how many killing blows you've made in succession (eg. 'Double Kill', 'Multi Kill', etc.).

How to install

You install BGSoundAlerts the same way you install any other addon. Just click the download button below to download the .ZIP files and extract them to Your WoW DirectoryInterfaceAddOns The .ZIP file will create the BGSoundAlerts and BGAlerts folders itself.

You can also choose to install BGSoundAlerts by downloading the .EXE installer which automatically decides the correct place to extract BGSoundAlerts' files.

Just start up the game and you'll get the best ever experience in Battlegrounds. If you want, you might want to take a look at the /bgsalerts options panel to specify which sounds you would like to hear!

If you want to use the comm-lists please set a keybinding to at least the Main Comm-List.

Custom Sound Packs

You can also select which sounds you hear and change to another custom sound pack using the /bgsalerts option to open the options panel.

Note: You can change the sound files in the mods directory to other .wav sounds by pasting your sound in the BGSoundAlerts folder and renaming it to the appropriate sound.

Other Information

The patch notes are available to see in-game by opening the /bgsalerts options panel and clicking patch notes.

You can download the German version of this mod here. Thanks to skyflash for working on translating this mod to German.

This addon goes very well with my other mod, BGTextAlerts, which pops-up fading text over your character's head for the events mentioned above.

Check BGSoundAlerts WoWWiki page.

The current BGSoundAlerts Version is: BGSoundAlerts 2.1

Have fun and see you on the European Aggramar Server!

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Download '' (8MB)

BGSoundAlerts 2.1
- BGSoundAlerts now supports Eye of the Storm Events
- Alliance/Horde taken Node
- Alliance/Horde lost Node
- Alliance/Horde taken flag
- Alliance/Horde drop flag
- Flag reset
- As always you are allowed to disable/enable these sounds using the /bgsalerts options panel
- Every 5 minutes in EOTS (or any amount you desire) BGSoundAlerts will tell you the score difference between the two teams (or both teams' scores if you wish). You can select options for this feature using the /bgsalerts options panel.
- You will now be notified of incoming alerts to the EOTS nodes.
- You will now be notified of incoming alerts to the WSG 'tunnel' or 'balcony'.
- There is a new CommList called 'Battleground CommList' which shows various message options depending on the battleground you are currently in. (The normal CommList has been renamed to 'Group CommList')
- BGSoundAlerts will now display its errors (if any, you should never see this) in a seperate window with copy/paste functionality so as not to interrupt your BG game.
- BGAlerts no longer shows as being out of date.

Inside EOTS, the game does not show a 'Horde/Alliance Wins' message when the game ends so I'm still working out something to play victory/defeat sounds in the end of an EOTS game.

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