This is the updated version of BibMod for the 1.9 patch. BibMod allows you to move and size almost every part of the UI and you even get so...


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This is the updated version of BibMod for the 1.9 patch. BibMod allows you to move and size almost every part of the UI and you even get some extra toolbars! See the readme for more info.

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Put simply, BibMod is an UI customization mod that allows the user to move and scale nearly every part of the interface, and gives you extra toolbars.

And now the extended version.

BibMod 3.2 consists of three mods: BibCore, BibToolbars, and BibWindowMods. While BibToolbars and BibWindowMods can be installed seperately from each other and still work, BibCore is required for both, because it contains things that both of them use. They are provided here as a single package. Here's what's in each:

BibCore provides the BibMod menu system. The BibMod menu is a single, easy-to-use toolbar with buttons on it, which toggle the various features of BibMod. The menu can be closed to save space, by pressing a collapse tab on the right side. Pressing it again reopens the menu. With just BibCore installed, there are no buttons in the menu. The other components of BibMod add the buttons that they use.

BibToolbars provides the user with seven action button toolbars instead of the regular one, for a possible total of 96 action buttons onscreen at once. These toolbars are each attached to a green drag button, which can be dragged to place the toolbar where you want it. Each action button toolbar can also be placed in a number of different positions (12x1, 1x12, 2x6, 6x2, 4x3, 3x4, and hidden), which are accessed by clicking a red rotate button that appears under the green button on each one. The primary toolbar still changes pages when you are shapeshifted, in stealth, or in an alternate stance. All of the buttons can have their bindings set in the game's normal bindings menu. There are buttons on the BibMenu that allow you to lock the action buttons against accidental dragging, and to make empty buttons visible, invisible, or invisible and collapsed (so that they take up no space).

In addition, BibToolbars removes the game's normal game art, and places the bag buttons, micro buttons, and BibMenu on their own toolbars, which, like the action button toolbars, are attached to green drag buttons. There is a button in the BibMenu that allows you to hide/unhide the green buttons for all toolbars. There are also buttons on the BibMenu to hide the bag and micro button toolbars.

Since BibToolbars removes the normal XP bar, it provides a replacement one, which appears on the Player Frame, underneath the mana bar. The BibMenu has a button which allows you to hide/unhide this XP bar.

Finally, when a selected target is out of range for a particular action, the button for that action on the BibToolbars becomes red-tinted.

BibWindowMods makes nearly everything in the GUI draggable, including the Player Frame, Target Frame, Minimap, Buff Window, all of the Bags, all the group member frames, and all of the windows that appear on the left of the screen (Character Frame, Spellbook, etc). All of these windows are draggable by their title bars (a background frame with title bar has been added for the Buff Frame), and they are all resizable using small resize tabs that appear on the lower right of each from. The Castbar is also draggable (though not resizable). The BibMenu has buttons which allow you to hide/show the resize tabs and to hide/show the Buff Frame background.

The game's tooltip can also be moved and reanchored. BibWindowMods provides a frame with a grid of anchor buttons on it. Each of these buttons can be pressed in order to anchor the tooltip to them, allowing the tooltip to be displayed from any direction you want. In addition, the grid can be dragged, allowing the tooltip to be placed. You can hide/show the tooltip anchor grid with a button on the BibMenu.
Changes :
((Note: Zweider is no longer updating so please go to the URL listed above to report any errors or bugs))

4.16 Changes:
- The bug that kept bags from opening in .19 has been fixed.

- I also fixed a much older bag-related bug that kept the open all bags functionality (shift-B) from working unless all your bag slots were filled.

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