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Burning Muffin Emotes 2.0 Updated by BananaFiend Original 'MuffinEmotes' by DrMuffin I'm updating...


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Burning Muffin Emotes 2.0 Updated by BananaFiend Original 'MuffinEmotes' by DrMuffin I'm updating this mod because it hasn't seen any maintenance since the middle of '05. I've kept all of DrMuffin's emotes as they were originally scripted, and added in a few of my own making the grand total of new emotes 100!

Type /burningmuffin to get a full listing of emotes available through Burning Muffin Emotes.

To paraphrase the original author: Burning Muffin Emotes adds a lot of emotes to the game that should be there, but are not.

This mod will allow you to use 100 new emotes in the same fashion as all the other emotes in the game. Type / to perform your emote (i.e. /hum).

Installation: Place the BurningMuffin folder inside your World of WarcraftInterfaceAddOns directory. Make sure that BurningMuffin is checked in the AddOns menu under the character-select screen and enjoy!


Version 2.00 -- Updated the code so as to be compatible with post-2.0 WoW. Kept all the old emotes by DrMuffin and added in a few new ones as well:

gank podsix verse hum pop scurvy banana chimp fool poo pain wiggle bum squint mexican * japanese hate ** kill tremble poot drunk fly pdead feelbad bad shoot

* Random generated food names. ** Quite a bit of random generated goodness when you have a target.

Again, to get a full listing of all 100 new emotes, type /burningmuffin in the game at any time.

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