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ChannelManager is a coagulation of a host of channel and chat options that are either only availible using slash commands, not normally avai...


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ChannelManager is a coagulation of a host of channel and chat options that are either only availible using slash commands, not normally availible, or only possible using custom macros and intimate WoW chat code knowledge. Most of these useful features are made possible through utilization of the Sky library and the GUI part was made to utilize the developing Earth XML Template Library.

GUI Options: -- Channel Management Tab -- +Quick Join, +Quick List, +Reorder Channels (leave all channels and join in a standard order/index), +Join/Leave Server Channels, +Join/Leave common Out-Of-Zone Channels, +Join/Leave Sky Channels, +Join/Leave known Custom Channels with saved passwords -- Emote Management Tab -- +Click-To-Use any of the builtin emotes (Action, Voise or Text), +Check an emote to add it to the Favorites list, +Automaticly use your target in the emote if applicable -- Sticky Management Tab -- +Sellect what chat types you want to be sticky: (Say, Party, Raid, Guild, Officer, Yell, Whisper, Reply, Emote, Channels), +Click a chat type to send a message of that type or apply it to the open editbox. -- Drawer Visibility -- +Drawer Tabs docks on the side of the Main ChatFrame1, +Tabs/Drawer stay on the side opposite the scroll buttons according to which side of the screen the chatframe is on, +Tab visibility is similar to the chat tabs in that it is visible when the frame or area is moused over and according to an internal timer, +Drawer State (open/closed/tab) is remembered across sessions

Behind the Scenes Features: +Rescues Out-Of-Zone Channels from becoming 'undead' channels by saving/leaving them when you correctly Logout/Quit/Reload and Joining them for the next session. +Maintain Visibility of channels in the appropiate ChatFrames when you leave/rejoin and in between sessions.

Reorder Details: '/reorder' tries to reorder your channels in the following order: '1. General', '2. Trade', '3. LookingForGroup', '4. LocalDefense', '5. WorldDefense', '6. SkyZone', '7. SkyGuild', '8. SkyRaid', '9. SkyParty', '10. Sky'. Any channel slots that you are not in will be filled up with any custom channels you were in. If you are outside a capitol city why reordering it will assume that you are in a hidden trade channel and if you are not your channel numbers might be shifted down one. This is so the Sky channel doesn't get pushed into the non-existing #11 slot on accident.

ToDo: +Associate Channel colors with names instead of channel numbers so that they survive reordering and relogging.

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Public ChannelManager Release (moved from Sky page)
-Fixed sticky check tooltip
-Fixed favorite emotes being saved
-If a channel hasn't been visible before and is joined it is made visible in the current chat frame.
-Cleaned up some channel visibility code (should work *crosses fingers*)

-Bug fix for clicking Join New Channel before using the chat tab menu.

-Updated TOC to 1500
-Fixed Tab offsets
-Updated german capitol cities
-Made CM tabs still appear when chat settings are locked
-Fixed emotes to work with targets with spaces in their names.

-Added French and German localizations
-Fixed an error with oversized trees maxing out EarthTree's alotted title frames.

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