Character Map UI



Gives you a selection of characters not found on English keyboards, for entering into chat messages, and certain EditBoxes; hopefully it should make things easier for those people who sometimes find themselves needing to send tells to players whose name they can't type on their keyboard.

Usage: The character map window can be opened/closed using "/cm" (a keybinding is also configurable). When open, clicking on the characters will cause them to be entered in the chat box if it is currently open; right-clicking will give you upppercase characters. The command "/cm auto" will set Character Map to open and close along with the chat EditBox.

Known Issues: If you've already started typing and then open the character map window (for example using a macro for "/cm" and clicking its button); in this case the edit box closes and any text you've already entered is eaten. Update: Apparently this is because of the way macros work, and can't be fixed; thanks to Greeze for the explanation.

Any other suggestions/bug-reports would be welcome.



0.4 Added option to show/hide Character Map along with the chat EditBox. This
requires alteration to a FrameXML file (ChatFrame.lua), so the installation
procedure is slightly different: instead of unzipping into "AddOns", it must be
unzipped into "Interface" (ie. the parent directory). If you'd rather leave
FrameXML alone, you might prefer to stick with 0.2 or 0.3 (though the only
potential problem I'm aware of could be a conflict with some other add-on that
modifies the same file). If upgrading from 0.3, and you've set autopopup, you'll
either have to disable it before upgrading, or set back your original
keybindings manually in the usual way.

0.3 Added options to make the window show automatically when you start chatting
by pressing enter or slash (or whatever you have these actions bound to)
It must be manually closed however.

0.2 Added the ability to insert into some additional EditBoxes, these are:
PetRenameEditBox, SendMailNameEditBox, WhoFrameEditBox,
GuildRegistrarFrameEditBox, GuildControlPopupFrameEditBox,
HelpFrameOpenTicketText. Some of these are untested, since I didn't want to lose
my pet just so I could name a new one, and I'm not sure what the guild boxes
This works by checking if a box is visible, so it's currently not possible to
choose between two EditBoxes that can be seen at the same time, such as the mail
recipient and the message body. What I'd like is to be able to detect the
focussed EditBox, or get the name/ID of the widget clicked on, but I can't find
any way of doing this - if anybody can, please let me know.

0.1 Initial Version

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