CharacterItems V2.0



This program is a means of extracting all of your World of Warcraft character's bag and bank item information and saving it into something easily displayable on a website.

2.0.0 - New features include: - Open option in the File menu (may cause the program to crash if you try to open anything other than a CharacterItems.lua file) - Items are now loaded into memory. This allows you to load multiple characters up to create compiled item lists. - New Category and Type variables are available to PHP users. These can be used to sort items in different ways. - Item stacks can now be added together by the program, and the program automatically sorts the item list alphabetically. This decreases the code of the PHP page and makes these features available to HTML and Text outputs. - HTML is now output as valid XHTML 1.1 - PHP tooltips have been improved, and bank.php has been totally rewritten - A stylesheet is now included to allow easier configuration of both PHP and HTML output


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