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Instructions: - "/cv" to bring up the pannel - "/cv help" to bring up the help - You can use the dropdown in the Character Paperdoll...


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Instructions: - "/cv" to bring up the pannel - "/cv help" to bring up the help - You can use the dropdown in the Character Paperdoll to open CharactersViewer

Version 2.0 Release Notes! General Note: Important Note: 1. The addons require rpgoCharacterProfiler, included in the download. The version included is the official rpgoCharacterProfile 1.6.2.

2. This version of CV isn't integrated in Cosmos distribution yet, it should be before the end of September.

Known bugs: -There are some issue with multiple addons collecting bank information, sometime the bank won't scan properly when leaving the bank area. We are working on a fix for this. -EquipCompare Tooltip behavior isn't the same than before, EquipCompare author is fixing this issue

Important Notice: The latest standalone version is 1.04, and not maintained anymore. It available in the 'other' category The 1.04 version use more memory and alot more CPU than the newer version. It also offer less functionality than the new version, and will offer even less once the new feature are added in 2.xx.

Addons current functionality: - Can show any of your caracters on the current server - Display the Paperdoll Equipment, Stats and more - Display the Bag and Bank content - Display the honor, rested xp and money report

Planned very short-term: (1-2 weeks, aka Priority stuff, Sorted) - fix tooltip of ammo. - fix the CV frame resigtration, add a "reset" loc commandline aand khaos pannel option. - New Option: Switch to enable / disable multiple server support - New Option: Allow to turn of the dropdown in the original blizzard frame

Planned long term, non-sorted: (2 weeks / 2 months) - OptionFrame - Reset to default setting - Scalable Frame / Bag - External addons integration: - Bagnon (Forever), for bag and bank - Titan plugin to see current CV character - MailTo - MailBox Frame (improved) (sidenote: rpgoCP need an upgrade on mailbox scanning, will look into this with Calvin) - SkillFrame (listing the skill) - ReceipeFrame allowing to see receipe) - Mail Button in CVPaperDoll, showing the number of mail in the mailbox - Reputation Frame

Wishlist: - Integrate configuration communication for profile, skill, talent, item seek with guildmate

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