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The Chat Localizer can be used to automatically display language-specific Chat Channels in World of Warcraft on regional Servers. For Examp...


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The Chat Localizer can be used to automatically display language-specific Chat Channels in World of Warcraft on regional Servers. For Example: If you use the english client on a german Server you'll auto-join the german chat channels which you would not see otherwise.

Channels will get the correct channels numbers if you do not turn off some of them.

Standard Channels after installation: 1. General 2. Trade (where available. "Invaild channel name" otherwise) 3. LocalDefense 4. LookingForGroup

5. WorldDefense can be turned on by using the commandline options

You can turn any of these channels on or off, your settings will be saved.

You can also switch server language. Default setting is for german language servers.

Note: This addon will not work with newer Version of Cosmos (Cosmos Versions with Sky channels.)

(Unzip to your WoW Installation Folder with paths)

Should you notice weird behavior please read the readme.txt file thats in the ZIP file. THe solution might be in there.

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Download '' (6KB)

Planned feature for version 1.1:
Users can add up to 5 individual chat channels that they want to join in addition to the standard channels. This channel configuration will also be saved upon logging out of WoW.
Version 1.083: french zone list updated to reflect patch zone-name changes (tell me if something is wrong with zone names) (thanks again for schmurfy's help with the french zone list)
Version 1.082: french zone list updated (thanks to schmurfy for supplying the zone names)
The french zone list is still missing zone names:
- Darrowmere Lake
- Designer Island (not really needed)
- Onyxia's Lair
- Stonewrought Pass
- The Great Sea
So if you know some of them please update the WoW Wiki:
or send me the Names in a private Message.

Version 1.081: updated for Client Version 1300
Version 1.08: additional Client/Server options (en_en, de_de, fr_fr)
Version 1.07: Updated for client version 4216 (client displaying 4222)
Version 1.06: Compatibility problem with FlexBar AddOn fixed. Please report if you still notice a problem with FlexBar.
Version 1.05 : French Server support implemented (a few zonenames are still missing)
Check the discussion below if you want to help complete the zone list.
Enter /chatloc en_fr (english client on french server) after first startup of the addon to switch client_server language.
Version 1.01 : Updated for Client Version 4211 (Release)
Version 1.0 lets you turn on/off channels and switch server language. Enter /chatloc in game for a command listing

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