Last Update: Version 2.0 (June 10, 2005 - 3:50pm CST) Note: Delete the contents of your Interface folder before you install...


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Last Update: Version 2.0 (June 10, 2005 - 3:50pm CST) Note: Delete the contents of your Interface folder before you install a new version of ChopSUI! Don't do a copy/overwrite.

Included AddOns:

Usage Information:

History of Changes:

Version 2.0: - Changed .toc files to match new patch. - Upgraded CT_PartyHealth - Upgraded FrameXML files to work with new UI options. Removed the following: - Crastos (will return in a newer version)

Things I want to add: - A button near the compass for "MoveAnything". I don't like it in the main menu. - A GUI set of options for each of the addons that are in ChopSUI, so they can be integrated into the myAddons AddOn.

Known Bugs: None

Small Tips:

  1. Delete everything in your World of Warcraft\Interface folder before installing new versions of your UI. (If you use Cosmos you will need to /leave the cosmos channel when you enter the game. You can get a list of the channels you are currently in by doing /chatlist)
  2. 2. Delete your SavedVariables.lua file in your WTF folder before you install ChopSUI for the first time when moving from another mod like Cosmos. (Make a backup copy of course if you use mapnotes or something like that.). That way your file is as small as possible to reduce lag.
  3. 3. If you have a pet, you need to open the the "PetActionBarFrame.lua" file in the FrameXML dir with notepad and edit these two lines to line it up how you want it to line up: PETACTIONBAR_YPOS = 94; PETACTIONBAR_XPOS = 36;

If you are in-game and you edit/save the file you can just type: "/console reloadui" (without the quotes) to test it.

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Download '' (7.1MB)

Thank you for downloading ChopSUI.

Where it all began:

You can also view the "Usage.txt", "Contents.txt" and "Changes.txt" files for detailed information about ChopSUI.

I take no credit at all for any of the mods included with ChopSUI.  All I have done is made minor edits to them (one of the biggest being removing the "AddOn has loaded" text that most of the mods had).

Thanks to all the original mod creators for their great mods. Chopping them to bits was fun!

Drop by and let us know what you like / dislike about ChopSUI.  :)

-- CurtisTheGreat  (Valansio - Deathwing)

Copy the "AddOns" and "FrameXML" folders into the "Interface" folder in your World of Warcraft directory.
It is HIGHLY suggested that you delete the contents of your Interface folder before installing or upgrading ChopSUI.

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