Colenzo's Pala Tools



Note : This is not really a New Mod, I used deleted to get around the issue of not being able to update

This an Paladin Buff & More Assist Mod

- keep track of the Blessing you cast, adds remaining blessing time to tooltip and prints a message if one blessing expire

- create a info box that shows who in your party/raid need blessings (blessing configuration via /cbuff) The Box Can Be Clicked in Different Ways (or Keybinding can be Set) Leftclick - cast the listed spell Rightclick - cast the short version of the listed spell Middleclick - update the need list

- create a box with a warning if you are in combat but have no seal active and shows the judgments active on your target

- a fubar Plugin (if you have fubar) or a minimap butto to esay access the menu


All Keybindings can, and need to be set through the default keybindings Menu.

Configuration via Fubar Menu or /cbuff, every Command should have a short description.


I don't have FuBar how do I acess the Menu? ->There Should be a Minimap Button, at least the /cbuff command should be avilable.

I've hide the FuBar Plugin/ Minimap Button how can it be activated again? ->Type in the Command '/cbuff fu standby'.

Where are the Config Settings? ->You find them in the Menu under 'options'

Can I switch off Functions? ->Yes in the Menu under 'options->modules'.

How to disable Rigtheous Fury Buffing? ->You select Rigtheous Fury or not via 'Selfbuff'

Misc -Emulate PallyPower Communication


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