Combat Sound

combatsound_v11.4.zip —


CombatSound is a mod that plays audible notifys when certain things occur during combat, currently they are:

*You dodge *You parry *You critically hit your target *You get a combo point (rogue/druid only) *You get 5 combo points (rogue/druid only)

You can replace the sounds in the /Sound folder with other .wav files if you want to use different sounds. The ingame options are reachable with the following commands

/cs /cs help /combatsound /combatsound help

all bring up the list of options and the current settings

/cs combofull /cs combo /cs dodge /cs parry /cs crit

(and their /combatsound counterparts) turns the sound notify on/off for each of these events.

If you want to use mp3 or wav files then change the extension for the specific file in the combatsound.lua file.

With regards from Ikaros of guild Nedom on the European Warsong server. Thanks goes to Akkuma which have done some of the coding and sounds for this mod.



Changes : 
v1.4 Minor bugfixing.

v1.3 Fixed the slash commands and some minor bugs.

v1.2 Added notify for each combo point gained

v1.1 Added Cosmos support

v1.0 Initial release

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