Features: Combat Bar CombatGizmo has an easy to access, draggable control panel for quick toggling of options that compacts when not used....


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Features: Combat Bar CombatGizmo has an easy to access, draggable control panel for quick toggling of options that compacts when not used. (by default it attaches itself below your minimap)

Combat Sentry Keeps a visual list of current and potential attackers, showing them in a frame with detailed info about each target, now clicking on the sentry will target that unit.

Detection The sentry displays current enemy players that it 'detects' even if they haven't attacked you (meaning: the enemy performs an action that shows up in your combat log). You can also choose to detect friendly and creatures who are hostile towards you, all individually toggled on/off using the compact combat bar. Holding Shift and mouseover a target will ignore all these and add it to the sentry anyway.

Stats Info In addition to showing their name, attacker frames will also show the attackers portrait, level, class (color coded), current damage they've done to you, and rank icon. As well as who they are targetting.

Color Coded: For quick reference, the sentry frame background is also colored based on their level vs yours.

Chat Output If you have the chat editbox open, Alt-Click will paste info into the editbox, letting you create custom messages from the sentry panel info.

Combat SizeUp A moveable frame with an animated slider that gives you a bit of an indication of how the fight is going or might go.

Health/Mana Warning Enables a flashing red effect when you are low on life and a flasing blue effect when you're low on mana.

Range Recolor Recolors action bar icons red, if the action is out of range and blue if you are out of mana.

Combat Info Shows DPS boxes on the player and party frames, including their pets and 'dots' to indicate their number of attackers.

Raid Target Icons You can quickly assign 3 favourite raid target icons by Shift+Click, Control+Click and Alt+Click on a target. The icons can be changed easily to another choice, using the options menu.

All the addon's options can be set and toggled on/off using the in-game options panels.

Updated CombatSentryGizmo, SizeUpGizmo and LowHealthWarning, then included my own RangeRecolor, and coded a new options panel to incorporate all addons. All mods have not been updated in over 5 months, and didn't work with the current WoW patch, so I decided to pick them up and work them into something new.

Reviewed by LawrenceAhern - 14/09/2007 I have tried this mod and was not overly happy with it. It seemed to get in the way a little. And was a little too hard to use. In other words its not very User Friendly! overall 4/10!

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