CT Raid Assist 1.17

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I think the author best describes this mod.

CT_RaidAssist is an overall Raid Assistant. It allows you to easily monitor health and mana/energy/rage of not only your group, but anyone/everyone in your raid. It also provides you with several additional ways to increase your raids performance. Usable in both PvE and PvP environments, CT_RaidAssist helps keep your raid group alive. There are three different ways to sort players, and customizing the mod to your liking is easier than ever. You can sort into classes, raid groups, or even drag every member around to your heart's content with custom sorting. Every group window itself can be dragged anywhere on the screen. You can select which groups/classes to show with a simple click on a button, and you can bind a key to show/hide groups with a tap on a key.





    * Added the Emergency Monitor - The Emergency Monitor displays health of up to 5 members in your party or raid with the lowest health percent. You can set the health threshold, where members with more health than the threshold is set to will not be shown. You can click the health bars in order to target the player, or click with a spell on your cursor in order to cast it on that player.
    * Now sends an update when you join the CTRA channel.
    * Changed it to show who sends the ready check in the message.
    * Fixed up various tooltips to look a bit better.

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