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Changes in 1.3:

Major additions/changes:

* Debuff curing has had a huge amount of customization added. The debuff curing system is a very flexible system that will allow players to cure debuffs using a priority order. By default, the order will first cure your target before moving on to yourself, your party, the whole raid, and then any pets in the raid (starting with your own and your party's). The priority order can be heavily customized using an innovative drag and drop interface. You can also add debuff 'sets', which lets you give some debuffs higher priority over others, so the system will cure any of the first set's debuffs in the raid, before moving on to lower tiered sets. All the fields allow you to use the wildcard * to match zero or more characters. Every set can exlude certain classes, and every set can have its own priority order. A few debuff sets are already added by default as useful examples. To use the debuff curing system to cure debuffs, bind the key binding 'Cure Raid Debuffs' (if you haven't already) under the Key Bindings menu. You can also have a macro execute the command /racure.
* /radur added. /radur, short for Raid Durability, returns a list of all raid users (using 1.3 or above) and their equipped item durability. This is a simple list which is greatly helpful for raid leaders in determining the best time to use a repair bot.
* /rareg added. /rareg, short for Raid Reagents, returns a list of all major spell reagents currently in posession. For priests it lists # of candles, druids # of thornroot, mages # of arcane powder, and warlocks # of soulshards.

Minor additions/changes:

* Hunters not in the CTRA channel who would FD would stay showing FD until they reloaded, or joined the channel; this has been fixed.
* The Emergency Monitor right click menu was accidentally being activated by some players when right clicking where it should be; it now hides correctly and should no longer appear randomly like that.
* /ragstart has been added. This command will start the Ragnaros boss mod timer when you engage after the first attempt.
* Debuffs will now show how many people have been debuffed in one message, should more than one person be debuffed at once with the same debuff.
* The old debuff curing binding has been changed to cure debuffs using the new debuff curing system.
* Fixed up a few German string translations in RA Boss Mods.
* Added a 'Not Ready' option to the ready check, allowing for a more accurate account of who is actually not ready and who is AFK.
* Fixed an issue with the Emergency Monitor moving around on its own.

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