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This is such a wonderful tool for raids. It has notifications, buffs, target options, hp and mana info, and more. This is definitely a must for raids! Updated with new stuff (see readme) and for patch 1.8.



In short, CT_RaidAssist reports hp, mana, buffs, and debuffs of anyone or everyone in your raid. You can set it to notify when someone is debuffed with specified types as well as notify when buffs you can recast fade. We've added 5 'MT Target' options which allow you to specify up to 5 MainTanks's which users can then select which 1-5 they want to show. When shown, it will show you the target of the person set as MT. It's a bit similar to EQ's Target's Target function though with this, the tank doesn't even have to be your target. We've set it to allow key binding for recasts on notification, so it will say 'player' has been debuffed by 'debuff name', press 'key' to cure. It queues debuffs so you can press the same key x times and cure x people.

You can sort the groups by group, class, or custom sort, and show as many or as few groups as you like. Each group is movable and colors are customizable so you can customize it to your liking. Another addition is the ability to use /rs alerts, which send an on screen alert to everyone using the mod. '/rs Move to me!' would show: 'TS: Move to me!' in user-specified color in the middle of the screen for example. The best way to fully see what it's capable of is to actually see it in use.

We'd like to thank all of the guilds who helped us test the mod out over the past week, and we hope everyone finds this mod useful.

Changes in 1.45

# Updated to 1.8 patch

Changes in 1.4

# Added /raitem. Usable via /raitem ItemName or /raitem [Item Link]; allowing for you to type in or shift+click a link to see everyone in raid who has the item listed. (Very useful to do /raitem Aqual Quintessence to see who came to MC prepared)
# Added /raresists. /raresist displays a Resist Check which allows you to see resists for members of your raid, very helpful to ensure no one forgot to throw their FR gear on right before Ragnaros or Vaelastrasz.
# Added /razone. /razone tells you who in your raid is not in the same zone as you. Note: In order to allow this command to work wihout sending a chat message, it shows sub-zones, so 'Fire Plume Ridge' instead of simply Un'Goro Crater.
# Added Ankh's and Symbols of Divinity to /rareg.
# Added the option to send tell when hit with Burning Adrenaline to the Vael boss mod.
# Added ignite mana to debuff curing as a preset sample.
# Added a sound to raready, als
# Added a /ra note so it shows Ts has performed a ready check.
# Added Zul'Gurub boss mod section which includes alerts for the first 4 bosses.
# Added key bindings for targeting MTT 1-5, in addition to assist keybinds.
# Added the ability to ctrl+click a buff icon to recast targeted buff. Also made it so if you ctrl+click a debuff icon you can cure, it will cast the appropriate cure spell. Note: this is only for buff icons, not the colored frames.
# Added the Target Management system. Usable via /tm or by clicking Target Management from the minimap icon. The Target Management System allows you to assign up to 10 'Main Tanks' and issue them all a unique target with ease. When assigning a target to a tank they will be prompted to assist for your target, or if they are using CTRA 1.4+, a button will pop up making assisting easy. If a tank loses a target, it's easy to tell, and easy to reassign theirs. We highly recommend trying out /tm to see how it works.
# Added an in-game changelog which users can refer to to check the changes made in the latest version. It will display the first time you load the new version, and later be accessible via /ralog.
# Added a slash commands list, typing /raslash will open a window detailing the various slash commands found in CT_RaidAssist.
# Buffs and Debuffs are no longer sent through the channel. This should reduce the number of messages sent to the channel by a large number, as well as increase functionality for those who don't use it. We're also hoping this fixes the crash bug some players experienced in Warsong Gulch. While making this chage, the option to remove short duration debuffs had to be removed however.
# Changed /raidassist broadcast and /raidassst update to /rabroadcast and /raupdate to make them a bit easier to use.
# When inviting via /rakeyword, if a person is in a group when they send a tell, you will automatically reply with "You are currently grouped." If the raid is full, you will reply with "The group is currently full."
# Mana Conserve has been changed to use actual hp values instead of percentages. Make sure you look at your mana conserve options and set them to be to your liking.
# Resizing the mergency Monitor was causing a very odd unexpected shift across the screen, and sometimes off screen for many users. Also opening some options windows or locking/unlocking frames via the minimap icon would cause a shift. Both of these have been fixed, and the Emergency Monitor should function more smoothly.
# When the Emergency Monitor was up showing people not at full health, and you left raid, EM was not hiding as it should if the option was not checked, this has been fixed.
# Emergency Monitor has been improved to allow specific group settings. Accessible via the right click menu, you can now select which groups you would like EM to report for.
# Dreamless Sleep potions and Mind vision added a non-negative debuff to players that could be cured by ctra's click-curing. We have removed both Dreamless Sleep and Mind vision from showing up as negative debuffs on players in your raid, so they should no longer be accidentally dispelled.
# Buff Recasting has been fixed, previously it targeted the person but didn't recast the buff.
# When someone dies, it no longer says to recast buffs if you have buff recasting enabled.
# When a user comes back from LD and does a status request, their buffs/debuffs/etc. will be reset. This will fix the bug where players who went LD while debuffed would come back with those debuffs stuck on.
# Fixed an issue where boss mods would not save their on/off state.
# Fixed a bug in the Vael boss mod if the person reporting to raid got hit with Burning Adrenaline.
# /rareg now sorts by by classes on open, instead of by name.
# With the addition of /raitem, we've added an option to disallow raid queries that will allow you to block /raitem, /rareg, and /raresist queries if you feel they are intrusive.
# A change has been made for Mind Control spells that should make them easier to cure now. However since it now uses UnitIsFriend, debuff curing will check your target in a duel instead of yourself.

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