CT_RaidTracker does exactly what its name says. It tracks raid attendance and loot history. This is primarily a tool to keep track easily and efficiently of raid attendance, who joined and left at what time, and log all items (uncommon or greater) that were looted during a raid.



To open the raid tracker, currently you need to use the slash command /rt which will bring up a window that looks a bit like your quest log (you will notice a button on the Misc Options tab if you use CTMod). The top portion shows your raids numbered from oldest to newest, the time they were started, and an optional notes area. Click the note button at the top to add a note for the selected raid.

The bottom part shows you the name of everyone who was in your raid at any given time, the time they first joined, and the time they last left. It uses first join and last leave incase someone leaves then rejoins mid raid. 

Clicking a players name shows you that players raid history, which is all raids they have attended. You can make an individual note on each raid for that player, for example, "Showed up 45 minutes late" for someone who wasn't there on time. You can also delete someone from a specific raid incase they showed up after a boss had been killed or went afk the entire time or something.

When viewing a player's raids, you can also View Loot which will show you all items that player has looted, and on what raid.

Also on the bottom is the View Items button which when clicked will bring you to a page that lists all items looted on that raid (uncommon or greater). They can be sorted by name, rarity, the time that they were looted, or by who looted them. You can also use the rarity filter to only show the item types you want.

If you click an item, it will take you to that items history, which will then show you how many times it was looted, on what raids, and by who.

NOTES: You can link an item to chat by shift+clicking on the icon in the CTRT window. However since item information is stored, please note that linking items that are not your own may cease to function temporarily after a patch or any server maintenance.

If you join a raid already in progress, the 'First Join' time will show the same for everyone already in the raid. If someone doesn't show a 'Last Leave' time, if means they were still in the raid when you left.


Just extract the files in the zip to World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\, and start up World of Warcraft.

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