The newest update to the popular CTMod, which features many CT addons within itself. Definately something nice to have, its even in my own folder.



Brought to you by the staff of WoW.WarcraftStrategy.com, CTMod is an improved User Interface mod for World of Warcraft. It is functional with the latest patch and will have more functions added as time permits. CTMod was the very first with several innovative features, such as the Map Mod and Buff Mod.

Features(not all):

* BagMod - Rename your bags!
* MapMod - Set notes on your worldmap!
* BuffMod - Shows buffs in a list to the right, along with duration & name. Also alerts you when a buff expires(optional).
* Player & Target Stats - Shows health and mana of you and your targets.
* HotbarMod - Up to 5 additional hotkey bars, each movable! The number of sidebar buttons can be changed independently.
* MailMod - Allows you to send up to 21 items to the same person with a single click!
* PlayerNotes - Store notes about guildies, friends & ignored players with a simple click!

You can also download additional mods over at http://www.ctmod.net/.

[*] All hotbar tooltips now show in the position of player/object tooltips, so if you have tooltip set to bottom right, all will be there.
[*] New key bindings have been added that allow you to show or hide hotbars via the press of a button, rather than having to open the CP. If you want to permanently set them to on or off, you'll need to use the cp options.
[*] CT_TickMod has been revamped. The look has been redesigned and the frame is now movable. It now updates more accurately as well as shows regen during combat.
[*] All movable frames have had their unlock and reset buttons combined into one general unlock and reset, which are found on the general page of the control panel.
[*] The control panel is now movable (should be easier to adjust party health settings now)
[*] PartyFrame is now movable, you can drag each party member to the location of your choosing.
[*] PetBar buttons now lock when hotbar button lock is turned on.
[*] Status bar text has once again been fixed on the player frame, unsure as to why that code got changed, heh.
[*] Class bars are now movable. (stealth, stances, shapes, etc.)
[*] Class bar texture can now be hidden/shown.

Having released 1.7 with a slew of changes/fixes/etc. and following up with 1.71 smoothing things out, we decided to step fresh to 1.72. We've ironed out a number of bugs or annoyances with recent 1.7 features, and have added the long awaited CT_PartyHealth to 1.72.

CT_PartyHealth shows your party members health and mana as numerical values and/or percentages. There are 6 ways of showing health, mana and/or percentages. CTMod users can toggle these within the control panel, as well as bring up the option box for changing color and size of text. If you're not using CTMod, you can use the slash command: /partyhealth to bring up the menu.

The other major addition to 1.72 is the ability to move your casting bar. You can now move the casting bar anywhere you'd like, and if you move it too far, reset it via the control panel. This has been added to CT_MasterMod.

You can refer to our History page on the site for more details as to what has changed, but here's a quick list of some important ones:

* Updated CT_UnitFrames; the TargetFrame will now change color as your target loses life, from green to red.
* Fixed an issue where Page Lock would revert to first bar when the pages were locked at another bar than #1
* CT_PartyHealth added. This mod allows you to view your party members hp/mana as numerical values or percentages.
* Changed PlayerNotes to have faded notes if no note was present
* Changed default bag opening positions for MovableBags, bank bags should no longer open behind the bank (hopefully)
* Fixed a bug very few people were getting regarding 'flashing' hotbars.
* MailMod has been updated and improved, it should now send more accurately and with less chance of failure.
* CombatStats has been improved CT-Style to now include heals, as well as save stats over sessions.

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