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* CT_Core (v2.001) - View screenshot on CTScreens

Formerly 'CT_MasterMod'. Several of our smaller mods have been c...


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* CT_Core (v2.001) - View screenshot on CTScreens

Formerly 'CT_MasterMod'. Several of our smaller mods have been combined into this mod. Please note that if you only use a few of the features, the other features will remain disabled and take up almost no memory at all. * CT_BarMod (v2.002) - View screenshot on CTScreens

Two hotkey bars have been added at the bottom above the experience bar, and additional left and right side bars have also been added. For pet classes, the pet bar will be moved above the left bar when it is turned on.

All additional hotbars are movable when viewing the Barmod or BottomBar options pages in the control panel. You can also drag or rotate all bars when viewing the control panel pages by dragging or right clicking the outer border.

ButtonLock has also been added. Turning this option on removes the ability to click and drag hotbar buttons, items, or skills from all hotbars so you'll no longer accidentally drag a button off while clicking it. You can still drag icons off of the bars by holding shift and then clicking and dragging.

A toggle has also been added that will allow you to make unused hotbar buttons transparent or visible. * CT_BottomBar (v2.001) - View screenshot on CTScreens

Allows you to 'break' the game's bottom bar apart to allow movement of each piece when viewing the BarMod or BottomBar option pages in the control panel. You can hide or move pieces to your liking. Additionally you can right click the drag areas of the main hotbar, menu bar, and bag bar to rotate those bars vertically. * CT_BuffMod (v2.0) - View screenshot on CTScreens

CT_BuffMod allows a much different style of customizable buff display. Buff names and durations can be shown. Buffs can be sorted by type or duration. BuffMod is very versatile and the only way to truly find the settings you like is to play with the options. By unlocking the buff frame via the control panel, you can move the buffs to your selected location. Click and drag anywhere on the window to move it, or use the lower right corner to resize it. * CT_ExpenseHistory (v2.001) - View screenshot on CTScreens

CT_ExpenseHistory is a cost tracking mod. It tracks how much you spend on repairs, reagents, ammo, and mail postage. Usable via /eh, or the CT control panel, you can see your totals spent for all characters, per character, or a dated log of what you spent when. * CT_MailMod (v2.0) - View screenshot on CTScreens

CT_MailMod adds a several mailing options to your mail window.

Mass Mailing: This option allows you to send up to 21 items or stacks of items to the same person with one click. Simply enter their name and add the items, the subject will automatically show each items name.

The total amount for sending all mails will be calculated into the upper right of the window, and an optional confirmation box will ensure you know. Each mail will start to send when the previous mail has sent.

CT_MailMod also adds the ability to Alt+Click item functionality. Alt+clicking an item will add it to both regular mail and Mass Mail screens, as well as to a trade window with another player.

A Forward button has been added when reading a mail, which will pull any item out of a mail, put it into your inventory, attach it to a new mail, and send to the specified recipient.

In addition to the sending tools, CT_MailMod also adds tools for receiving mail. Adding checkboxes to the left of each message, you can check the ones you would like to open, and hit Open Selected at the top to 'mass-open'. Or if you would like to open all of your mail at once, hit the Open All key. Note that when Open All is pressed, any mail with messages only (no items or coin) will be skipped. Additionally items that are unique will be skipped. * CT_MapMod (v2.001) - View screenshot on CTScreens

By ctrl+left clicking anywhere on your map, you can add a map note. Once the note is added, you can right click on the note to edit, delete, or send it to any other player using this mod. When sending or receiving a note, it will appear on the map in the position where the creator put it, and will contain the same text. It will also send a chat message to the person receiving the note alerting them of what zone the note was sent for. The player you are sending the note to must be online at the time you send it.

CT_MapMod also includes optional auto recording features for herb veins and mineral nodes. Meaning when you pick herbs or mine one, it will record the location on your map so you can easily refer back to it at a later time. This option can be disabled or filtered via the menu on the top right of your map.

The maximum number of notes is currently 250 per zone. Saved notes will be shared by all characters on your account.

Map coordinates have also been added. In the upper left of the map, you will see coordinates for both the location of your character and the location of your cursor. * CT_PartyBuffs (v2.0) - View screenshot on CTScreens

Allows displaying of buffs on the party frames. * CT_RaidAssist (v2.001)

CT_RaidAssist is your all-around raid mod. It can report hp, mana, buffs, and debuffs of anyone or everyone in your raid. You can set it to notify when someone is debuffed with specified types as well as notify when buffs you can recast fade. It can show 'MT Targets' which allow you to specify MainTanks's which all users in raid can then see. When shown, it will show you the target of the person set as MT. It's a bit similar to the Target's Target function though with this, the tank doesn't even have to be your target.

You can sort the groups by group or by class, and show as many or as few groups as you like. Each group is movable and colors are customizable so you can customize it to your liking.

Another addition is the ability to use /rs alerts, which send an on screen alert to everyone using the mod. '/rs Move to me!' would show: 'TS: Move to me!' in user-specified color in the middle of the screen.

The best way to fully see what it's capable of is to actually see it in use. * CT_RABossMods (v2.0)

Adds the Boss Mods section to CT_RaidAssist. * CT_Timer (v2.0) - View screenshot on CTScreens

CT_Timer works as both a countdown timer and a stopwatch timer. To use it counting up, simply click the numbers to start and stop. Right click to reset it. To use it as a countdown timer, use the arrows on the right to set minutes and the left to set hours, then click the numbers to start or stop. If you start the timer counting up or down, then hide it, the timer will continue. A chat message will be sent once the timer reaches 0 counting down.

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The timer can also be used via these slash commands:

- /timer - shows the help info - /timer [show/hide] - shows or hides the timer - /timer secs [on/off] - toggles whether seconds are shown or not - /timer start - starts timer counting up from 0 - /timer 15 - sets the timer to 15 minutes and starts counting down - /timer 15:15 - sets the timer to 15mins 15secs and starts counting down - /timer stop - stops the timer - /timer reset - resets the timer * CT_UnitFrames (v2.001) - View screenshot on CTScreens

CT_UnitFrames adds options for displaying health and mana on the Player Frame, Target Frame, Party Frame, as well as the optional added Target of Target frame.

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Player Frame: You can display health/mana on the bar or to the right of the bars. In addition to simply displaying the actual values, you can display percentages or defecits.

Target Frame: You can display your targets hp/mana values, percents, or deficit values on their bars. For a target in your party or raid, the hp value will be exact. For a mob or person not in your group, you will see a percentage. Actual mana values can be displayed on any target.

Target of Target: CT_UnitFrames adds an optional Target of Target frame which allows you to see what your target is targeting. Options for this frame are the same as the Target Frame.

Party Frame: Options for the Party Frame are the same as the Target Frame, with the addition of text size for the Party Frame. * CT_Viewport (v2.0) - View screenshot on CTScreens

Adds the ability to change the game's viewport. This modifies the size of the rendered world, so that you can place UI elements outside of it. Use /viewport or, select the CT_Viewport option from the CT Core mini map icon.

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