DamageMeters v5.1.1

DamageMeters monitors damage and healing done by and to yourself and other nearby players. It keeps a running total for each player and disp...


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DamageMeters monitors damage and healing done by and to yourself and other nearby players. It keeps a running total for each player and displays the information as a bars chart in a frame on the screen. It is perfect for real-time comparison of the various members of your party or raid. At any time the text results can be output as "says", to raid or party chat, or whispered to another player. Many console commands exist for customizing the meters: type /dmhelp for a listing.

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Q: Why the "-AL"?
A: Dandelion, the orig author, has retired from WoW. AnduinLothar (me) modified v5.0.0 from Cosmos because that version works with English, German and French clients. AnduinLothar has no long term plans to enhance functionality and would gladly hand over maintinence to someone else, but decided DamageMeters had a large enough user base that it deserved to be updated to use the 1.12 addon communication API.

A: Use /dmresetpos. This should make the DM frame visible and put it against the right side of the screen.

Q: What happened to the "Reset Each Combat" option?
A: It was made irrelevant. DamageMeters now keeps in essence two full sets of information: one normal, and one set that applies only to the latest fight. This second set, the Fight set, is what provides the information for the DPS, HPS, DTPS, and HTPS quantities. Those quantities are basically the normal quantities but divided by the duration of the fight. If you turn off the "Visible QuantityShow Fight Data As Per/Second" option you have what is in essence the same thing as what you had before with the "Reset Each Combat" option.

Q: Why can't DM just automatically sync?
A: v5.1.0 has a BETA auto-sync option. This will sync when you lave combat once every three (3) minues. In previous versions this was left out for the following reasons: Primarily because sync'ing takes a long time. There is just a lot of data to transmit, and since WoW likes to boot clients that send data too quickly DM transmits it slowly. If you are having problems with frame lag or being dissconnected randomly you should dissable auto-sync and do it manually after boss fights.

Q: How do I get other player's pets to show up?
A: Well, there is only one way: to turn off the option "Only Monitor Group Members". If you do so, though, you will likely get a lot of stuff in your list you don't want, like totems, non-raid players, and even some mobs. The reason that you can see your own pets OK but not other player's pets has to do with message categories. There are specific category of messages that indicate they come from YOUR pets, but other people's pets come in the "random friendly player" category. It would be possible to compare names to the list of raid member's pets, but there is no guarantee that the pets have a unique name. (For example, we actually had one pet in our raid named after another hunter!) The only way to accurately compare different hunter's output is to have them all use the "Treat Pet Data As Your Data" option and to sync.

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