Defend Yourself v4.38

Defend Yourself is a really complex addon for a really simple thing: engaging in melee combat.

It does 3 main things:

1) Makes sure yo...


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Defend Yourself is a really complex addon for a really simple thing: engaging in melee combat.

It does 3 main things:

1) Makes sure you enter combat when you use an offensive spell or ability on a target. 2) When you are attacked, you will enter melee combat with the aggressor 3) If you are attacked by multiple opponents, on the death of one you will immediately target and attack the new one. No forgetting between spells!

Other features include: You will =ONLY= aquire a target if you're in combat. You won't attack everything in sight, only what you choose, or what chooses you.

Will not interfere with targeting friendly players, for healing or other reasons. Target a friendly and you stop attacking. Deselect them and you'll immediately aquire another target.

Will not interfere with Hunter's Bow attacks. I know this is a problem for hunters switching between bows and melee, but the addon transfers beautifully between the two.

If you're stealthed or are feigning death, the addon will default to off. You won't ruin your attempt to lose aggro!

(v2.3 on) You physically CAN NOT enter melee combat with creatures that are inflicted with certain statuses, such as Sheep, Sap, Sleep, Gouge, Charm, Taming, and so on. This way you can save your best spells or abilities for the target, or leave them alone and move on to something else.

Lastly, you have full control of any situation, regardless of what the addon wants to do. At any time you can use one of the many ways to enter a "Panic" status, disabling the addon and letting you do whatever you may need to do (read:Choose your targets carefully, Lose Aggro, Heal yourself or someone else, or most importantly...Run!!)

How to use: /dy or /defendyourself [command] [param]

/dy help - Shows the "help" screen, lets you know the status of your toggles. /dy on - turns the addon on /dy off - turns the addon off. -Option: /dy off s(ession) will turn off the addon for the current session only, and restart it the next time you log on. /dy toggle - toggles between addon on/off. /dy yellow - When on, you won't attack yellow creatures /dy faction - When on, you won't attack members of the opposite faction (unless you're both pvp) /dy debuff - When on, you won't attack crowd controlled creatures /dy tlhp - When on, you'll attempt to target the lowest hp creature when you deselect something. /dy assist - When on, you'll aquire your party member's targets(not attack them) /dy dk - When on, you won't attack Civilian-marked npc's. /dy debug - Shows you the debug screen! If you're curious why it's not working a certain way, use this. /dy button (optional - off) - Toggles the panic button's different states, same as right-clicking on it. use /dy button off to remove it. /dy bar (optional - off) - Toggle the panic bar's different states(between off, on, and hide when not in use). use /dy bar off to remove it. /dy defaultpanic (required - #) - Sets the default panic time in seconds. /dy panic (optional - #) - Puts you in panic status for the default time. If you supply a number, will ignore default time and use the time input.

check the readme.txt for more information about how to customize DY further.

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