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Dopie's Arena Mod displays extended character information regarding your opponents in the arena. The server extracts the data out of...


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Dopie's Arena Mod displays extended character information regarding your opponents in the arena. The server extracts the data out of the blizzard armory website nightly, just download a new battlegroup database file and your up to date with the latest info! Is that mage your playing a fire or ice spec? How far down into holy/disc is that priest? Find out with Dopie's Arena Mod! The mod is 100% legal and uses the WoW UI script.

The UI mod will append the armory information to your tooltip. It also supports tinytip (its real nice with tinytip!) If you hold down the CTRL key while you target someone, it will popup a window with the opponents information. You can have up to 5 windows open at a time. The windows will remeber where they were, so place them in a spot you like and they will always come up there.

Important In order to get the UI's data, you MUST go to [B] /B this is a server I have setup that extracts the armory data nightly. From this site, you select which battlegroup you belong to, then download its data file. This is the file my ui mod uses to display the opponents armory information from within WoW

Upcoming Changes: I plan to make the display of the arena mod a little easier to see when in arena's. I am going to fully make over the ui portion and make it functional kinda like BGGladiator. Expect to see a new updated version in a few weeks!


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Download '' (9KB)

Step 1.) Close out of World of Warcraft (must be closed down all the way!!). 

Step 2.) Download Dopie's ArenaInfo mod 

Step 3.) unzip into your WOW addon directory. 

Step 4.) Open a browser and goto

Step 5.) Click the Arena Info Mod link. This is where you download the data to be used. 

Step 6.) Select your Battle group, then click download, save the file into the following directory: (example) C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\ 

Step 7.) Load WoW, addon should display info saying its loaded. Hold down the CTRL button and click on a target to bring up its UI config options.

Common problems (if the armory data isnt being displayed): -->You most likely downloaded it into the wrong SavedVariables directory. Please ensure it was saved to the proper savedvariables folder. -->The download file got corrupt. Sometimes when download the data file, it will get corrupt. This doesnt happen very often, but it can happen. -->If it was working, then you login and its no longer working... Sometimes WoW will corrupt the data file. WoW doesnt seem to handle large data files over 30 megs. If this keeps happeneing to you, download a small data file by using the start and end rating filter when you download the file.

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