Dragonslayers v1.0

* GuildAdd With this you can see what other Guildmates are offering and share other stuff with guildmate. Sort of l...


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* GuildAdd [If other user has it] With this you can see what other Guildmates are offering and share other stuff with guildmate. Sort of like a auction house in guild.

* CT-Raidassist / oRA Thise is NEEDED if you adventrue whit other people in Raid or just in a party. You can use either of thise. I suggest you use oRA whit is smaller and much more feature in it. * QuestAnnoncer Whit thise you can annonce your progess of your quest /qa [on/off]

* Lear2Spell Ace Know the fealing when you get to a trainer and train new skill you have to reequip your skill it slots. Not whit thise addon, it autoupdate your skill in action bar if it there.

Suggested * Auctioner * Autobar With this you get a Bar whit all you good potion, water and food. Presented right in the bar. And autoupdate as needed so you dont have to insert button for it in Action buttons * Bagnon

* Chatmod Thise make your chat look alot better and whit color of all types. Also if someone message you and you in a fight it comes up big on screen so you don't miss it.

* CallToArms Ever tried finding some player I LFG or other place. Thise make it alot easyer. Because it log what people ask for I LFG and other places. And it can be set up to autolook and invite people if the want to join.

* ElkBuffbar Cant see what buff and stuff you have on you. With this you can, and see have long it last. * FriendFact Save info on your friends and auto update it so you can see it offline. Fubar It Like Titan bar, but just dosent use as much ram as Titan. (If you dont know Titan bar it a bar with all kind of info presented to you onscreen.) * GuildEventManager * Perl With this you can change the look out off yourself , party, raid and other. Or completly remove it as you like. * Roguespam This is not only god for Rogue it also good for all other. To remove unwanted repeating * MoveAnything With this you can move anything on your UI around as you like.

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