Version 2.41: - Added timestamp to items - Added sorting by type/subtype/level (in that order) - Better handling when characters are swit...


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Version 2.41: - Added timestamp to items - Added sorting by type/subtype/level (in that order) - Better handling when characters are switching guilds - Workaround-test for when data can't be sent - Fixed rare bug that could happen after server patch and/or restart - Added spanish


The DuckieBank is a 100% in-game, and fully automatic, guildbank that enables a guild to share a read-only view of its guildbanks' contents with all guildies. All members of the guild (with DuckieBank installed) will be able to see the guildbank as a read-only version. DuckieBank also implements an easy-to-use request-system where guildies can request items from the banks without having to use the in-game mail-system or chat. Simply click the item you want, type an optional note, and press 'Send request'. The banker will receive your request whenever he logs on. There is no need for the banker to be online for a guildie to be able to view or update that banker's contents, or to request items from it. This is all automatic, and handled by the addon.


- No setup for guildies or bankers - The GM (or trusted officers) controls who gets to be banker(s). It's not possible to control this for any user. This is done by assigning the title 'Banker' to the designated bankers or assingning bankers in the officer's note. (Requires relog if the banker is online when the promotion is made) - Automatic in-game update of bank contents - Item request-system - Simple cost-system that enables you to charge gold, DKP, etc, for items if you want. DuckieBank can insert vendor buy/sell prices if the banker has Auctioneer installed. No need for Auctioneer for guildies in any case. - Banker-specific notes for info to guildies. Typical use may be banker-specific rules or names of characters the banker can be reached when the banker-character is not online. - Multiple guilds per account - Multiple bankers per guild - Notifies all users in the guild about availability of a new version if a user in the guild has upgraded the addon - Can include any (or all of) the banker-character's bags - Minimap icon that will fit any-shaped minimaps for heavily modified interfaces.

The bank contents:

The contents of each banker will be spread througout the guild in a steady pace. When a banker updates its data (presses the 'Send' button), its data will be transmitted to all other DuckieBanks that are online at that specific time. The banker can now log off, as there at this time are others with the new data. When another guildie logs on, one of the DuckieBanks with the fresh data will eventually retransmit the new data. This means that the update of banker data is not instant. So when you have a fresh install, it may take some time before your addon receives banker data. The most important factor in the update delay is the amount of DuckieBank addons that are installed in your guild, and the more addons you have online, the quicker the update.

When your addon has received data for a banker once, each following update will be much quicker as your addon now knows about the banker and will regularly request updates. As World of Warcraft servers are not very fond of addons spamming channels with large amounts of data, mechanisms has been built in to prevent any transmissions unless there actually is newer data available.

The request-system:

First of all, the request-system is under total control of each banker. It's only requests, and each banker may handle that as he sees fit - be it sending an item by mail, deleting the request without sending anything, send a mail to the requester with a question, or just leave the request there to be handled the next time he logs on. The implemented request-system works much like a post-system, where any guildie can send a request for one or more items. By left-clicking on an item, that item will be set up in the request-box in the main DuckieBank interface. Subsequent left-clicks on the same item increases the number of items requested, while shift-left-click decreases the number. This means that it is possible to request more items than the bank have of a specific item. The banker can then chose to leave those requests until the bank has the requested number of items.

To avoid request-spamming by guildies, it is strongly advisable to set up some guild-rules about this. The banker-notes can function as an ideal place to put those rules or guidelines.


DuckieBank comes bundled with the addon DuckNet. This addon is needed to run the data network. Think of it as a converter between WoW chat channels and a data network, if you will.


Extract the folders in the archive to the ''InterfaceAddOns'' location. Log in to you account and make sure both DuckieBank and DuckNet is enabled for the characters that is to use the addon. That is all.

If you are the GM or a trusted officer of your guild and want to start using DuckieBank, you must assign the banker-job to one or more characters. Use one of the following methods to enable your bankers: 1: Make a new guild-rank called 'Banker' and assign that to the characters that is to function as guild banks. This new rank does not need any privileges at all. Even though being allowed to chat will come in handy for a banker. 2: Assign bankers by use of officer's notes. In the officer's note of a banker, type '#DB:B' anywhere. For this to work, the banker must have permission to read the officer's notes. Write-permission is not needed.

With this done, those characters' bank (and optionally their bags) will be made public read-only to any other member of the guild with the DuckieBank addon installed.

Being a dedicated banker:

If you want to really dedicate yorself to the banker role, you can ask your GM or a trusted officer to assign one or more of your characters to be 'Monitors'. These characters do not have banker clearance, but will be able to see if a request has been placed and to which banker. The Monitor will not be able to see who made the request or what was requested - only which banker it is meant for. This feature is primarely meant for other characters played by the banker user so they can see if there are placed requests for them while they are online on other characters. The feature is enabled by typing '#DB:M' in the officer's note. The Monitor will in that case need access to read the officer's note. Assigned Monitor will be able to see, in the minimap-button tooltip, a count of requests made for bankers since the last time a character were logged off on the same account. Please note that the '#DB:M' and '#DB:B' settings are mutually exclusive. They can not be used together on the same character.

Banker specific option:

There are several banker-specific option available in the options-window from the banker interface.

How to test with your guild:

1. Install DuckieBank on at least two accounts in the same guild. 2. Make one of them banker as explained in ''Installation''. (Requires relog of the banker character if it is online when promoted to banker) 3. Go to a major city with the banker character and open its bank. Make sure there are items in the bank. 4. Open DuckieBank (minimap icon) and press ''Send''. A few seconds later the message 'Sending...' will appear. When transmission is done, the non-banker character will get a message about received banker data.

How to quickly test the automatic update:

1. Make a change in the banker-character's bank. Do '''not''' press ''Send''. 2. Log the non-banker character off and then back on. 3. Wait 30-40 seconds.

These steps requires that you have done the first steps so that the non-banker character's addon previously has seen the banker.

Issues and compatibilities:

Even though support for bag-modifying addons have been strengthened a lot as of DuckieBank v2.40, you just never know with which addon the problem will arise again. If DuckieBank will not include your WoW-bank in its contents, try switching off any bag modifier you may have and go visit your WoW-bank again. This is either way only a potential problem for banker characters. Other characters on the same account will not have this problem.

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