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EpicMusicPlayer is a ingame mp3/ogg music player with multipe playlist support a fubar/titan panel plugin and a fancy little 3d model.



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File Description

EpicMusicPlayer is a ingame mp3/ogg music player with multipe playlist support a fubar/titan panel plugin and a fancy little 3d model.

The aim of this addon is to make adding and playing your music within wow as easy as possible.

For wotlk beta please use the beta version.

Additionally EpicMusicPlayer has a lot of cool features:

· Multiple playlist support · Add/Remove playlists ingame. · Move songs between playlists ingame · Search for a song · Link a song to guild/party/say/raid (with youtube link) · Playlist with all original wow game music included · Easy add your music with drag and drop. (with included playlist manager) · Add mp3 or ogg music files. · Supports all characters in id3tags (Unicode) No need to rename any of your files. · Fast adding new files. (The playlist manager will not replace your last created list but add the new music to your old list.)


· Fubar plugin · Titan panel plugin · Epicmusicdancer a fancy little 3d model which will play/dance to your music (optional addon) Currently featuring Sid Nicious, Bergrisst, Mai'Kyl and Chief Thunder-Skins of The Tauren Chieftains. I first hat the idea to add a dancing ogre but unfortunately this (and most other models) won't display or dance as they should with the wow addon api.

The Epicmusicdancer, the Fubar plugin and the Titan panel plugin are separate addons. You can disable them or even not copy them to your interface folder.


· left click - play next song · middle click - play/stop · right click - show options · use scroll wheel - adjust music volume · ctrl use scroll wheel - adjust effects volume · alt use scroll wheel - fine adjust volume · alt click - show playlist · shift click - play last song · ctrl click - Write artist and title to default chat. (guild,party etc.)

All of these work on the minimap button, the gui text and the fubar/titan panel text/icon. You don't need the gui visible at all.

Slash commands:

· /emp (show the options dialog) · /emp ctr (list control options) · /emp op (list other options)

Known bugs:

· The music sometimes stops or the wow music starts playing. This is a wow bug. Try to set your sound channels to maximum. Options > Sound & Voice > Sound Channels > High (Maximum) Also try to enable/disable hardware sound. But when lots of sounds are played (raid instance fights) the problem still may occur. · The song playing stops and starts from the beginning after a loading screen (e.g. entering an instance) This is a new wow bug since patch 2.4.3. I only could fix this so far that the song starts from start instead of playing the game music. · The 3dmodel disappears when you hide the ui (alt y) or open the map.

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