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Description: EQL is an extension of the default Blizzard questlog frame that keeps track of all of your active quests. Basically, EQL exten...


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File Description

Description: EQL is an extension of the default Blizzard questlog frame that keeps track of all of your active quests. Basically, EQL extends the basic functionality by maximizing your quest trackability -- giving you the full window to track quests, and a second window to view the quest dialog box containing the information about it.

EQL also expands the default Blizzard quest tracker capabilities, giving you the option to track 20 quests at the same time, rather than 5 -- and keeping it on the screen at all times, rather than just when you complete an objective.

All features are fully customizeable, and general improvements have been made to this version over all others available at this point in time based on the communities requests.


Log: - Quest Levels - Maximizable/Minimizable - Maximize on Select - QuestLog Opacity - Movable - Minimize on Close - Click a header to Track/Untrack all quests in it - Click a Quest to open up the Quest Organizing Menu - Auto Complete Quests

Tracker: - Quest Tracker Listing (Lists all objectives (a, b, c)) - Movable - Sort Tracked Quests - Show Zones in Tracker - Add New Quests - Remove Finished Quests - Hide Objectives for Finished Quests - Add Untracked Quests on Progress - Show Minimize button in Tracker - Tracker Font Size (8-20) - Hide Completed Objectives Individualy - Hide Quest Markers

New Features: - Active Tracker This feature allows the user hold ALT and then hover the mouse over a quest in the tracker. A short description will then be shown in the tooltip. If Left mouse is pushed the Log will be opened with that quest in focus. Right clicking untracks the quest.

Other: - Quest Level Storage - Credits go to Elkano for his Mod 'QuestLevel' - Load Settings from other characters. - Show related quest in item/mob tooltip - Display a message when all objectives for a quest have been completed

Custom Colors: - Tracker Zones - Tracker Headers (Can fade) - Tracker Objectives (Can fade) - Tracker Background - Tooltip Quest Item/Mob Info

Ideas?: If you have any ideas, please feel free to post them here and I will take care of them, or send a message to the original poster that I've modded from, his e-mail address is listed under his mod submissoin:


This Version

Fixes: - Quest Log scaling 100% - Quest Tracker scaling 100% - Ctrl-Click on tracker maximizes active quest in Log for viewability issues

Issues: - Drag & Drop functionality still not 100% - Quest announce in chat causes error - Quest tracking issues when multiple mods using full memory capacity

Working to fix all related issues at this time, watch for updates in the near future.

Current fix: All errors can be captured using ImprovedErrorFrame to limit your game downtime. I recommend using this mod until I can fix all the problems.

Special Thanks: All previous authors, though it seems the public outcry for fixes was ignored -- you still got this mod to where it is today!

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Download 'eql3712b_20070402.zip' (416KB)

Patch Notes

- Fixed ctrl+alt click issue (thank you wolfsokta)
- Minor changes, no major updates (tweaking)

Known Bugs with this version

- Automatically add new quests to tracker doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t always update the tracker.
- EQL currently kills the Arena Team window; will not allow it to be open at all.
- Mage\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s water elemental pet bar overlaps bottom left actionbar - \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"clipping\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" pushed by EQL window.
- Some issues with Outlands quests not logging and/or tracking.
- Some confliction issues with Cartographer_Quest Objectives.

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