EzDismount causes you to dismount when you click on a spell, gather an herb/ore node, or attack someone. You still have to click the action...


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EzDismount causes you to dismount when you click on a spell, gather an herb/ore node, or attack someone. You still have to click the action a second time to actually perform it, but its pretty easy to right click a node two times and start to loot it. Also, when you visit a flightpath NPC it will dismount you automatically. You can also have the mod drop druid shapeshifts when you talk to NPCs (Bear, Cat, Travel form & Moonkin supported), and also have it cancel the Shaman GhostWolf spell when talking.

After installing it, type /ezd for the options or /ezd help for command list

Available macro functions :

- To force a dismount :

/script EzD_getdown();

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Download 'ezdismount_3_4.zip' (7KB)

Version 3.4

- Updated .toc to the newest patch
- Changed the dismount routine to use the new Dismount() function provided by blizzard. This should guarantee dismounts will work with any current & future mounts

Version 3.3

- Added a Checkbox 'Link unshifting to dismounting'. While checked, it will drop any Druid/Priest/Shaman forms if you hit the Dismount Keybind or use /script EzD_getdown('Y'); function in a macro.

Version 3.2a
- This version should again dismount you at a Flightmaster if the previous 3.x versions were not

I removed the event check when a flightpath was opened when the mod was rewritten. On both the Burning Crusade and my live server (Eonar), you auto dismount at a flightmaster without any special mods installed.

I am guessing not all live servers have this ability patched in yet and is why it works for some and not for others.

Version 3.2

- Added support for the Reindeer mount, will drop it now
- Added 2 check boxes under Druid Shapeshift to exclude Moonkin and Tree From from auto unshifting

If you get weird results with this version type /ezd reset in the chat window to reset the saved config (the reset for fear the individual character, so many have to do on each character that has problems)

Version 3.1

- Should drop Druid's Tree Form when druid toggle is enabled

Version 3.0

This version was gutted and recoded to use some of the new Wow 2.0 APIs and get rid of the Tooltip
dependency needed in older versions.


- Support for flying mounts, so you don't auto dismount in the air (TBC Only)
- Support new faction mounts Elekk, Hawkstrider & Talbuk (TBC Only)
- New macro function : /script EzD_getdown("Y")
This will dismount you even in midair (for a death from above attack)


- Macro function : /script EzD_buffexist(buffname)
Function has no real use in new macro system
- Macro function : /script EzD_drop(buffname)
Not needed, WoW has built in /cancelaura "buffname" for macros


- Moonkin toggle removed and is considered part of the Druid toggle now
- "TAXI" was removed from the Auto Dismount ON/OFF toggle, it will still occur if "ON" is toggled
In the BC expansion the default UI will dismount when you take a flight path, it made sense to remove
as a toggle since it will be automatic soon

Version 2.03

-- Dismount Keybind and function call EzD_getdown() now work properly, was broken in previous version

Version 2.02

-- Added toggle to control dismounting at an Auctioneer

Version 2.01

-- Updated for 1.12 patch
-- This version modified by nathan for Castparty : http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-52-castparty.html
-- Includes support for Shadowform

Version 1.9

- Updated for patch 1.11 (Will work with current 1.10 patch, if you have 'Load Outdated Addons' checked in WoW Client)
- Druid aquatic form now supported

Version 1.8

- Updated for patch 1.10
- Mod will NOT drop hunter spells 'Aspect of the Cheetah' or 'Aspect of the Pack'
- Added 2 new callable functions: EzD_drop() and EzD_buffexist()

Version 1.7b

- Druids & Shaman should unshift now when the following error messages appear "You are shapeshifted" and "You can't use items while shapeshifted"

Version 1.7

- Added a new toggle that will make your character stand if you try to do an action that gives you the error "You must be standing to do that"

- You will dismount when talking to an Auctioneer NPC (This really only effects Thunderbluff since all other cities has indoor auction houses)

- New command : /ezd reset
This will reset the mod settings for the character you have logged in, hopefully this can fix the lua error for the people getting the 'nil' value problem

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