FelwoodGather v0.98

FelwoodGather helps you and your team mate with felwood fruit gathering, location and timer management.

Feature - Present land...


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FelwoodGather helps you and your team mate with felwood fruit gathering, location and timer management.

Feature - Present landmark of Whipper Root Tuber, Windblossom berries, and Night Dragon's Breath with their icons, on world detail map. - After you got the fruit, display estimate timer on landmark label. - Highlighten the next spawn timer label. - Start timer automatically when you got the fruit. - Notify you with sound before the fruit respawn. default ETA 5min and 1min(configurable). - Exchange timer with your team mate. - Reset/announce/share/start/clear the timer from popup menu. - Original minimap window.

Usage You can use it only drop the files to AddOns folder. No required dependancy. You can see the information on felwood map window.

* Commands slash command is /fwg or /felwoodgather. following subcommands available. /fwg share If you want to share the timer you have with your rosters, type this. /fwg config Toggle Configuration window. /fwg count Countdown caller. Do not monopoly the objects. keep window open and pick up together. /fwg map Toggle FelwoodGather map window /fwg reset Reset FelwoodGather map position /fwg minimap Toggle minimap icons

* Configuration window You can customize - Accept timer: If unchecked, your timer does not update by group rosters. - Share timer: send timer to your rosters when you loot. - Show Minimap Icons: If checked, show fruits icons on your minimap. - Minimap updtate interval: interval of update minimap icon info. - Notify: If checked, you will get notification with sound effect. - Notification 1/2: Time that will notify. - Transparency: Icon and label setting on worldmap. - Icon size: scale for icon on worldmap. Also, you can customize map window from right click menu from minimap title bar area. - Transparency: Transparency of minimap window. - Scale: Scale of minimap window.

* Menu Click the fruit icon. You can Reset / announce / share / start / clear the timer. "mark as depop" marks the object which has being despawn. Right click minimap title bar. You can lock/configration minimap/share the timer.

* Bindings You can key binding following functions. Toggle Config Window - Same as /fwg config Countdown call - Same as /fwg count

* Timers You will see the timer on world map. ETA > notification 1 - green label notification 2 < ETA < notification 1 - yellow label ETA < notification 2 - red label the timer will spawn next - white label(highlight)

* Minimap Icons show fruits icons if it's in range. show half-transparency fruits icons on around minimap if it's not in range but near. show yellowed fruits icon if you have timer. it will spawn next.

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