FlexBar, an addon that I could never figure out how to work. This would be the latest version to it.


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FlexBar, an addon that I could never figure out how to work. This would be the latest version to it.

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Download 'flexbarv1.406.zip' (153KB)

Moving Buttons Issue:

The previous method of just saving the button locations every 2 seconds was causing all kinds of problems with wandering groups when the group had been moved using the MoveABS, MoveREL, or Move by mouse. It seems that WoW does not update the entire group after the move immediately, and this could cause button positions and group related mouseenter, mouseleave, movetomouse events to miss-fire as well.

Redesigned how button locations are saved in FlexBar. The new save routines will only save new button locations when the button is moved using a FlexBar move command, or a Drag or the button itself. For any group movement, the button location offsets are stored prior to the move, and restored after the move (relative to the anchor button) to ensure that all button locations are properly updated.

MoveToMouse, MouseEnter, MouseLeave Issue:

There were problems introduced in the first attempt to fix the moving buttons issue that caused problems with any Move to the mouse location, or with the Mouse Enter and Leave checks. The new fix for moving buttons will resolve these issues as well.

Added Text3 text Field for Buttons

An additional text field was added to the buttons. This one will appear in the middle of the button, and can accept any text value that the previous two text fields allowed.

New Commands Added to Support Text3:
·Text3 - &quot;/FlexBar Text3 Button=<buttons> Text=<text>&quot;
·Justifytext3 - &quot;/FlexBar Justifytext3 Button=<buttons> Pos=<position>&quot;
·Shadetext3 - &quot;/FlexBar ShadeText3 Button=<buttons> Color=<[r g b]>&quot;

Added a new KeyBinding for Showing Button Information

A new Key Binding is available in Key Bindings. After this has been set in the Key Bindings menu, you can use this Key Bind to show information on each button. The information displayed will be:
Top (text1) : Button ID
Middle (text3) : Remap ID
Bottom (text2) : Group ID

When pressed once, all current button text will be replaced with the information above. When pressed a second time, all previous button text will be restored.

Added CHAT_MSG_SPELL_SELF_DAMAGE, to Properly support Target Dodges

This change was merged from an example posted in the forums.
Getting PlayerMiss to work for special attacks by Aranarth.

Scaled Condition – Typo

There was a typo in the code for Scale Condition. Was checking against ‘alpha’ instead of ‘scale’.

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