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This World of Warcraft addon makes flying around the world of Azeroth a little easier.

It automatically learns flight paths as you talk...


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This World of Warcraft addon makes flying around the world of Azeroth a little easier.

It automatically learns flight paths as you talk to flight masters, including any future flight paths Blizzard may add. It also comes with a list of flight paths, zeppelin routes, and boat connections that you can load if you desire.

FlightPath has the following features:

o Flight masters show up on your zone maps. Hovering your mouse over the icon displays all the connections available from that flight master.

o An on screen arrival time countdown is displayed while in flight once FlightPath has learned the time it takes to make the trip.

o When talking to flight masters, the time needed to make each trip is shown in a tooltip as you hover over each destination.

o You can bring up a dialog that allows you to query connections by typing '/fp' at the WoW chat prompt (bindable to a key). You can then click on the connections that are displayed in the dialog and the view switches to the clicked location. If you right click on a connection, the map for that zone will open with the flight master's location highlighted.

o Many of the travel paths around Azeroth have been supplied. You can load these with the '/fp load' command if you don't want to learn them all yourself.

There is no configuration needed. Just unzip the files into the WoW Interface\Addons\FlightPath directory and log in.

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Download 'flightpath.zip' (26KB)

Changes : 
4/18/05 1.12
- I'm having one of those days it appears. A debug statement left in 1.11 was causing errors when bringing up the FlightPath dialog. Fixed.

4/18/05 1.11
- I inadvertently broke the /fp load command when making the changes to allow foreign character zone names. It has now been fixed. My apologies.

4/18/05 1.10
-Bound key now toggles dialog on/off correctly
-Alt-Z to hide UI now also hides the in-flight counter
-Aligned text on the zone map connection tooltip (cosmetic)
-Zone names with foreign characters in them (for non-English clients) should now work correctly
-Other faction's flight paths were showing on the Booty Bay zone map tooltip. Fixed.
-Changing zones with the FlightPath dialog open caused the dropdown list to display zones instead of flight master locations. Fixed.

4/14/05 1.09
- Fixed incompatibility with VisibleFlightMap
- Zone map icons changed to the same as the flight master's map
- Undiscovered flight path locations show as grey on zone map
- Dialog drop down box scaled down to fit within dialog
- Many Alliance flight paths added (thanks Morphiasgnom!)

4/13/05 1.08
- Added key binding support
- Undiscovered flight masters no longer show on zone map if /fp hidegrey set
- Added more durations to Horde flight paths
- Added hideremaining and showremaining commands.
- Fixed problem with incorrect locations being stored for flight masters

4/12/05 1.07
-On screen 'flight time remaining' countdown added. 
-Added the '/fp load' command to allow loading supplied flight info.
-Flight duration now shown in map tooltip when talking to flight master. 
-Added confirmation dialog to /fp erase. 
-Added myAddons support. 
-Flight durations are now tracked separately for each direction. (They initially start out the same).
-Fixed 32 location limit on dialog drop down
-Removed the obsolete HordePaths.lua and AlliancePaths.lua file. All supplied paths are now in KnownPaths.lua

4/8/05 1.06 
-Fixed a problem with Stormwind, Ironforge, and Moonglade. 
-Added the '/fp hidegrey' and '/fp showgrey' commands. 
-Added the '/fp erase' command to erase your recorded flight paths. 
-Added the '/fp check' command to help users debug flight master location mismatches. 
-Fixed a problem with the KnownPaths.lua file that caused the supplied preloads to be greyed out.
-Added a skeleton AlliancePaths.lua.

4/7/05 1.05 
-Fixed minor string error the first time FlightPath is installed

4/7/05 1.04
-Escape key now closes the FlightPath dialog.
-Whether or not to gray out a connection is now tracked by character, since different characters will know different routes. Note that the first character to log in after installing this version will have all your existing flight paths flagged as known (including preloads).

4/7/05 1.03 
-Unreachable routes are now greyed in map tooltip as well.

4/7/05 1.02 
-Removed some bad cost data in the HordePaths.lua file. 
-Preloaded flights you cannot take are now shown in gray. (Note: you have to clear your SavedVariables.lua data and reload if you loaded preloaded flights with a previous version of FlightPath.)

4/6/05 1.01 
-Fixed a problem with the drop down listbox position when many entries

4/6/05 1.0 
-Initial release

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