This is a MUST-HAVE, if you are a spellcaster, and take the game reletively seriously. I just started playing a spellcaster a couple days a...


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This is a MUST-HAVE, if you are a spellcaster, and take the game reletively seriously. I just started playing a spellcaster a couple days ago and i have to say it helps ALOT when you have a large group whining for buffs. As usual just extract .zip file to your AddOns folder.

Fortify is a spellcaster's-helper. It checks all the members in your group or raid and casts all of your beneficial spells. Currently tested for Priests and Paladins.

This works using the same principle as decursive, which I used as a template for this code. A button will appear underneath your minimap with the 'Fortitude' icon. (If you have Decursive installed, this will also provide a UI button for Decursive) The panels are draggable and hideable. When clicked, Fortify will check everyone on your party or raid roster and makes sure they have all the buffs you can cast.

When it finds a person missing a buff, it can alert the raid group that you are casting buffs, and casts, one per click, on each character. It will automatically select the appropriate buff spell level based on what is present in your spellbook and the level of the target. As long as you continue to click the 'FORT' button, it will continue searching through the party or raid and cast spells when necessary. All major priest, mage, paladin, and druid spells are checked.

Now that Paladin spells are checked, you can tell your group that you support whisper-selection. If the player sends you a whisper with the name of the blessing they prefer, then Fortify will remember the blessing and keep it cast on the player. If the person who whispers you asks for a blessing that you do not have, you can configure Fortify to respond to them automatically with a list of all buffs that you can cast.

Most importantly, this is a very simple, light mod. I'm personally very tired of huge, obnoxious mods that make the game sluggish, so this will always be as light and fast as I can make it.


/ffy help - Shows a list of supported commands.

/ffy show - Shows all current settings.

/ffy quiet - Toggle party notifications on or off.

/ffy toggle [spell] - Toggle a particular spell on or off.

/ffy only [spell] - Turns all spells off, except for the one specified.

/ffy reset - Turns all spells on.

/ffy panel - Shows or hides the UI button panel.

/ffy pets [on/off] - Toggles pet-buffs on or off.

/ffy tell [on/off] - Toggles buff-tells on or off.

/ffy announce - Tell everyone in your group what paladin blessings they can select.

/ffy bless [character] [blessing] - Force the selected person to receive the selected blessing.

/ffy recast - Tells Fortify to recast each selected buff on each person in the group/raid once. This is useful before boss fights, so that everyone can be assured the buff won't drop in the middle of battle.

/ffy conserve [amount] - Specify the amount of mana to save. Fortify won't let you cast spells to go beneath this amount. Handy if you find you're out of mana in a fight!

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