The latest update to the Gatherer addon, quite a useful mod if I do say so myself. It puts icons on your minimap to note where mines, plan...


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The latest update to the Gatherer addon, quite a useful mod if I do say so myself. It puts icons on your minimap to note where mines, plants, and other collectables in the world(Includes Chest!) are that you have already visited before. I find this mod of use for mining quite often, and herbalist will find it just as good.

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Patch Notes

WARNING: DB format change this version and change in the behaviour of the world map display, PLEASE read the changelog (, and 2.0.4) for details. (toc #1600)
# Change:
- coupled display of the 'show items' button with the basic world map display activation (behaviour unchanged).
- scaled down buttons and dropdown menus on world map by 30%
- coupled display of filters in world map to basic world map display activation.
- added checkbutton in configuration dialog to ignore the show/item item button (enable at your own risk).

# Bug Fix:
- attached 'show items', 'delete' and 'toggle bugged' buttons relative to WoldMapPositionningGuide for proper display in large resolution mode.
- error when using linked filter recording with empty filters fixed.

# Layout:
- layout in configuration dialog rearanged to put all buttons in the subframe they belong to. (toc #1600)
# Bug Fix:
- world map filters display option value taken into account at logon

# Localization:
- French region table updated for new zone order in 1.6.0, translation matrix between 1.5.1 and 1.6.0 added.

2.0.4: (toc #1600)
# Bug Fixes:
- brought back the maximum number of items displayable on the world map to 300 (600 was causing disconnect in some cases) as a temporary fix until the world map display can be done another, meanwhile use the filters provided in the configuration dialog to see what you're interested in.
Note that this does not resolve the basic issue (the delay itself isn't in Gatherer but in the game UI engine) but seems to make the problem not occur. Also it almost never seems to occur when you come back to the map your character is in before exiting the world map.
- a side effect of the new format will fix wandering icons on the minimap for users importing data (could previouly be fixed by doing a zone match with same source and destination or running the RecalcNotes function which was removed since it now serves no purpose without minimap coordinates in the stored data).
- caught a few memory leaks (still plenty around though).

# Features:
* Commands:
- added /gather loginfo on/off slash command to show/hide logon information (version string is still displayed).
- added /gather filterrec slash command and corresponding checkboxes in the configuration dialog to link actual recording of nodes to the current filter content (broken down by characters and gather type).

* Database:
- Changed database format, replacing gtype and icon by indexes (saves 30-50% space depending on database content), complete conversion will only occur on using the zone match facility (same origin and destination).
- Gatherer version number added in GatherConfig.Version variable (for DB backup applications).

* Items
- New Items:
- Un'Goro Power Crystals
- Un'Goro Soil
- BloodPetal Sprouts
- Blood of Heroes
- Footlockers (need to unlock them before being able to record them, so this is rogue only strictly speaking)
- New set of icons for Ores and Un'Goro items (courtesy of Wt, Melina and Iriel).
- Rich Thorium now has it's own icon (a placeholder really, until someone provides something more appropriate), the change will appear immediately on the world map, change on the minimap will be visible only after using the zone match facility (same origin and destination).

* External interface
- New interface function (Gatherer_AddGather , see Gatherer.lua for parameters) for external addons to add record things in the Gatherer database.

* World Map (MUST READ)
- World Map now has a show/hide button for items (lower left corner). It is off by default and will reset to that whenever you change zone (or miniregion). If the display is off, the delay/freeze while displaying items on the world map won't happen (if any) until you click to show the items.
- Filters are now accessible from the world map (note that changing the on/off/auto setting from the world map will bring you back to your character's current zone map). This is off by default, to enable it, check the button in the configuration dialog.
- Interface to delete/flag node as bugged (accessible through alt-right clicking on an item, which used to delete it right away), these buttons appear on the lower right of the world map frame when available.

* Localization
- Localized clients (ie. non-english) will get a popup at startup if a version new of Gatherer is installed as a reminder to check for new zone matches), this will be enabled when appropriate.
- fixed firebloom gather name for german clients

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