Gatherer updated for patch 1.7, update yours now.


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Gatherer updated for patch 1.7, update yours now.

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# Bug Fix:
- error on load fixed (False instead of Hide in widget call).
- error opening report dialog in specific place fixed (Onyxia lair, etc.), change base dialog placement so the handle should be grabbable to move the dialog where you want it.
- added warning and ignore for invalid continent/zone in database in Search UI code (ie. = 0).
- box icon changed to the same one as Crates (previously using the Chest one).
- new icon for rich thorium veins (courtesy of ksmith22).
- changed icon for Blood of Heroes to correct one.
- small correction for required skill level values in GatherIcons.lua for Dark Iron and Rich Thorium veins
- small fixes in german localization

# Change:
- polling the skill tree for existing Gather skill on the character will trigger only at startup and upon learning new skills (tree skill state will be conserved too, contrary to old behaviour which opened everything every 5 seconds)
- Configuration Dialog and Zone match dialog movable (new UI dialogs are movable too).
- Filters in the world map screen reworked in a single dropdown menu.
- Option dialog reorganized to use tabs (Filters, Globals, Quick Menu).
- Reorganized content of UI_localization.lua so that it's easier to fill in, texts and tips regrouped by dialog.
- Upgraded myAddons support up to version 2.0 standard (along with help pages for english, french and chinese).
- added small delay to display/hide notes on world map (50 ms every 100 notes).
- redistributed world map buttons in subframes of the GathererOverlayFrame (rougthly 100 per subframe).

# New:
- report by zone (new UI, access through command line, binding, button on config dialog, button in quickmenu).
- search utility (new UI, access through command line, binding, button on config dialog, button in quickmenu).
- Ingame edit utility for nodes (delete, toggle bugged, change icon, type, gather name) with selectable scope at node, zone, continent or world level for propagation of the change, alt right click on a node on the world map to display the dialog.
- added world map icon alpha setting selector in config dialog.
- added option to have an alpha value for mininotes under the minimum icon distance (100% by default).
- added binding for option, report, search dialogs.
- added dark iron to gatherable items (for WoW 1.7.0, icon courtesy of ksmith22, possibly missing french text).
- added shellfish trap items.
- support for Chinese WoW added (thanks goes to biAji for localization).

NOTE: historical changelog can be found in the readme.txt file included in the archive.

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