Give Me Heath



This addon makes 5 macros that auto-adjust to give you the best Potion, bandage, food, or drink.

These choices are made based on your level and location (Supports Battle-ground only items).

GMHealth, GMMana: These two macros will give you the best Health and Mana potions you have in your inventory. **Due to the 'No combat decisions' rule in 2.0, you may need to 'Prep' this macro outside of combat. To do so, click on the potion outside of combat. You will NOT use the potion, but it will check to see if you have a better one in your inventory.

--Ctr-Click on these macros will open Alchemy (if you have this tradeskill). --Alt-Click on them to force use the potion outside of combat.

GMBandage This macro will use the best bandage you have. Left-clicking on the macro will cause it to work normaly, while alt-clicking will auto-bandage yourself. **This macro also falls under the 'No combat decisions' rule. To prep, clear your target, click on the macro, then cancel (esc key)

--Ctrl-Click on this macro will open First Aid (if you have the tradeskill). --Alt-Click will self-bandage (or alt-keypress if on action bar)

GMFood This Macro will use the best food item you have that is has HP regen. Buff-foods (well fed) aren't included in the list because you may want maximize use of these the buffs. The order of the preference is set to:

Mage Food (All levels) Event Food Cooked Food Vendor Bread Vendor Cheese Vendor Fruit Vendor Fungus Vendor Fish Vendor Meat

Example: If a mage comes by and gives you food, it will be on top of the list. If you have event food (Candy Corn, Harvest Boar, etc), it will be prefered over bought food. Cooked non-buff food is next, then separated into catagories based on what hunter pets like to eat (Most like Meat, so that's least likely to be eaten by you, Bread is eaten by the fewest).

Raw Foods (Raw Fish), is not supported. This is a way for hunters to keep some food for their pets with out worring abut Give Me Heath eatin' their pet-chow

--Ctrl-Click on this macro will open Cooking (if you have the tradeskill) --Right-clicking will cast Conjure food (best rank), if you are a mage.


This is very much like GMFood, but just deals with drinks. Order of preference is:

Mage Water (All levels) Event water Vendor Water

--Right-clicking will cast Conjure water (best rank), if you are a mage.


/gmh help - Will display instructions

/gmh update - will update all macros (can be used for preping) /gmh update=health - will update GMHealth macro /gmh update=mana - will update GMMana macro /gmh update=bandage - will update GMBandage macro /gmh update=food - will update GMFood macro /gmh update=water - will update GMWater macro

TO DO LIST /gmh save to let people save types of food (useful for hunters, and people who prefer eating looted food before their store-bought food (if looted is same level)). This feature is already partly encoded, but it DOES NOT work. Hopefully 2.0.8 (or 2.1.0) will have it... Depends if Bliz beats me to the next update.


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