Guild Alliance is a mod for combining multiple guilds with ease. Another guild page is added to the 'friends frame' like CTRA. It lists guild members from the other guild and other functions such as combined guild messages.

The aim of this addon is to create a 'guild of guilds' hopefully uniting them and forming trust while still maintaining individual control of each guild. It is a large step to disband and reform and that's where this addon tries to help.

Guild Alliance (GA) has no limit for the number of guilds you wish to view.

For this addon to work, someone with the same version of this program must be online from a guild you wish to view. Having more than 1 person online has no affect on gathering data.

GA seeks out more members with the addon whenever data is requested from pressing 'Refresh'. At the same time as updating, it sends out requests for more users and adds them to the list. Therefore, it is only necessary to add a single user from a particular guild, press 'Update' and all other users in that guild will be added automatically. If you wish, you can do this manually, but only members that are online will be added.

Pressing the 'Reset All' button will remove all the members which it formally gathered information from as if it is a fresh install. This option is mainly used if you no longer wish to view a particular guild.

You don't need to press this button to change the password your guild uses. Simply re-add someone (yourself is fine) with the new addon password and it will be updated accordingly. Make sure everyone you wish to communicate with does the same. It is also important for everyone to have the same version as this is considered as part of the password. When the 'Refresh' button is pressed by anyone in the guild, it sends out a version check. If yours is out of date, a message will appear once per time you are logged in.

To help unite guilds, the option for transmitting guild messages was added. Only the messages sent by you will be sent so it is most useful if everyone has the addon.

To see your own guild in the same list, simply add yourself in the setup menu.

The lists can be sorted by different types by pressing the title tabs above each column. By default, the lists are sorted by name.

I have also added support for other localizations to a certain degree. Most things are translated by using the standard 'GlobalString' constants.

If you press the 'Refresh' button and it doesn't complete the update, try again. If nothing, it means no one is online to receive your request OR you have the wrong password.

To view a member's full public note, click the note and it will be displayed in your chat frame.

Clicking a member's name will bring a list to whisper or invite them, just like the normal guild page.

I hope to add MOTD soon. Not sure how to implement it just yet.

**** PLEASE NOTE! **** This is a beta program. It's still very much in development but I want others to try it because I havent been able to test the addon with multiple people (more than 2). I expect it will work, but there is a good chance I have missed something. Any feedback is much appreciated

Example of how to use: * Open the 'Alliance' tab. * Press 'Add Friend' * Enter a user with the addon that is online * Enter a channel/password. Note that you can only use one password at a time. You can't use different passwords for different guilds. NOTE! You can nominate multiple people, but you must enter at least one person from each guild. * Press 'Accept' - You should get a message that the person was added if they are online and have the same version. Or press 'Friends List' to scan through your friends. * Press the 'Refresh' button to request guild data. This will also scan for more people with the addon who are in the same guild as the person you entered before. * While the check box 'Send Messages' is ticked, any guild messages you send will also be sent to the other guild. * Press 'Reset All' to delete everything like a fresh install.

Patch Notes

v3.07c - Addon now works with 'Skinner' - Removed ability to talk over guilds for now. I did however fix a bug with it causing an error when more than 2 guilds were in the alliance. - Alliance MOTD can now be set by those that can set the normal MOTD. Other users can't change it

v3.07b - NEW option to add users using the who function. Go to add a friend as normal and under the 'Friends List' button should be 'Who List'. Enter the serach pattern in the 'user' field and it will automatically add those with the addon that the who search finds. This is particularly useful for search an whole guild. - I made it so anyone can change the Alliance Message of the Day for testing purposes. I will eventually set it back to Guild Leaders only, until I know it works. - Soft updates now occur when a new user is added

v3.07a - Fixed where the MOTD is placed on the page

v3.07 - Fixed the option to whisper someone on the GA list. - NEW message of the day support. I've made it so only guild leaders can change the message. I'm not sure how well the updating on the MOTD will go, I haven't had a chance to test it too well yet. If there's errors I haven't found yet please let me know. The newest MOTD will be considered the correct one. - Changed some communications and therefore won't be compatible with previous versions. I did this to reduce the chance of interfering with other mods using the hidden addon channel.

Known Bugs with this version


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