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This AddOn allows you to create/schedule/manage future raid instance directly in-game. Players can register (join) and reserve a room for yo...


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This AddOn allows you to create/schedule/manage future raid instance directly in-game. Players can register (join) and reserve a room for your instance, or cancel subscription. You can setup a maximum players for your event, as well as the min/max per class. When a player wants to join and there is no room left for his class, he is put in a *substitute* queue, waiting for someone to cancel his subscription.

The leader of an event does not have to be logged in for a player to subscribe.

This addon has been designed to help guilds to schedule events, and its member to say *I'll be there*, and count the number of players that are ok for an instance. It does work for multiple guilds (kind of Alliance of guilds), if you want, or even with your friend list.

All dates are stored in universal time, and displayed in local time, so if someone creates an event in a different timezone than yours, you will see the correct time on your side.

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ChangeLog :
- 2.14 :
- September, 26th 2006 :
- Added esES localization (thx to carahuevo)
- Attempting to detect joins/leaves in the guild channel (needed for events and subscriptions to be broadcasted)
- September, 18th 2006 :
- Fixed incorrect re-initialization of the 'guild' channel during next login
- Greatly improved special 'guild' channel usage
- Fixed issue with 'guild' channel, for multiple toons, in multiple guilds
- Added possibility to remove a player from the Auto-Add members list
- September, 11th 2006 :
- Fixed events disapearing too soon (after scheduled date), even for the leader

VERSION 2.0 Upgrade :
- Remove the whole /Interface/AddOns/GuildEventManager folder
- Unzip the new v2.0 RC archive in /Interface/AddOns/
- After loading the game, change the GEMChannelDefault to something DIFFERENT from the one you usualy use (protocol is different for this new version)
- Color codes have changed in the Event list (see below)

Installation :

1. Extract .zip file to WorldOfWarcraftInterfaceAddOns
2. load up WoW check the Addon is enabled ("/gem help" should print infos)
3. Bind a key to GuildEventManager or type "/gem toggle"
4. in the options TAB set the channel to whichever you are going to use

Notes :

- Events List in Events Tab, Leader column :
- White = Leader not connected
- Green = Leader connected
- Events List in Events Tab, Subscribers column :
- White = Not subscribed
- Purple = Level of your selected character does not match event's level range
- DarkGrey = Subscription sent, but not ACKed yet
- Bleu = Subscription ACKed but you are in Substitute queue
- Green = Subscription ACKed and you are in Titular list
- Yellow = Subscription ACKed and you are in Replacement list
- DarkRed = You have been kicked from event (and thus unsubscribed). You can re-subscribe
- LightRed = You have been banned from event (and thus unsubscribed). You cannot re-subscribe until you are unbanned
- Admin List in Events Tab, Name column :
- White = Player not connected (or external)
- Green = Player connected
- Members list, Guild column :
- Green = Guild leader
- Blue = Guild officer
- White = Guild member

Q : I don't see events of other people, and others don't see mine
A : Are you sure you are on the same channel (check GEM options) ? Are you sure you don't have joined more than 9 channels (there is a limit of 9 or 10 channels you can join) ? Are you sure your PC's clock is correctly set ?
If you still don't see events, try "/gem debug 1", it will show a new TAB, look at the debug log (screenshot it) for warnings or event related messages, then contact me.

Q : I see garbage on my channels, like "01..."
A : Check if the channel you see garbage is the same than the one in your GEM config. Maybe you have changed the channel with a character, and changed reroll. Leave the garbaged one with a /leave ChanNum. In v2.0, channel will be saved per char, so you will not have this problem anymore.

Q : I just subscribed to an event, but I don't appear in the list, nor the titulars count has changed.
A : If the leader of the event is not logged, all commands (subscribe, unsubscribe, ...) are stored and broadcasted to every person in the channel (and each time someone logs in). In order to see your subscription in the list (and titulars count increased/decreased), you must wait until the leader logs. When he does, all commands are flushed and he processes them, in the order they were submitted.
Look at the color codes above, they help you know in which state you are.

Q : All thoses stored commands don't flood the channel when someone (or the leader) logs in ?
A : No, there is an algorithm that makes people to sent commands at different time when someone joins, and if a known command has just been sent, the sent from your side is canceled. There is also a maximum of commands that can be sent per second, so you are not (less) flooded.

Q : I don't like the subscribers sorting modes available. I want something else, custom.
A : Well, that's where the Sorting plugin system comes in ! Look at the "GEM_sort_stamp.lua" file, there is all you need to make your own plugin (there is no need for the plugin to be installed on each player's computer, only on the leader's one). Simply make a new addon with a .toc file, that depends on GuildEventManager, and you're done. The plugin will be loaded by GEM, and you'll be able to choose your custom sorting in GEM's "Create new Event" tab.

Q : I have a lua error, but I cannot tell you the file/line it occured
A : Please install (even temporarily) ImprovedErrorFrame (, and you'll be able to see the full error text

Q : When I link an item to the GEM channel, it displays the name only.
A : For links to be sent, you must use the SlashCmd specified in GEM config. If you speak using /# (# being GEM's channel number), it will not work.

Q : I don't see anybody in the Members list, and the list populates very slowly. Also, I always see "N/A" for people's location.
A : This is to greatly reduce traffic in the channel. Each player sends his personal informations ONLY when he changes of zone, NOT when someone logs in (otherwise every single player will have to send his current info upon each login, which causes too much traffic).
Because of this, the first time you come to a channel, we don't see anybody, you must wait for each player to move to another zone. When this happens, the player is saved and stored in your variables, so the next time, only it's current location will show as 'N/A' until he moves.

Q : I'm using SlashCmd and alias, and when I try to send a message, I don't see anything in my chatframe, nor I see messages from others.
A : Some addons are not hooking chatframe like they should.
- If you have GuildAds : Get the latest version, it has been fixed
- If you have flagRSP : Get the latest version, it has been fixed
- If you have Guilded : Why do you need this one anymore ? oO

Q : I don't like the way Dates are displayed. How can I change that ?
A : Change the option "Displayed dates format" ingame, in the GEM Configuration tab with the value you want.
You can find help on the parameters here :

Q : I don't understand the 'time offset' option
A : When someone creates an event, the time/date for the event is (by default, if you don't change the offset in GEM config) relative to it's computer's clock (which uses international time).
Example :
My computer's clock is set at GMT+1, I play on a server where time is set to GMT.
I create an event for tonight 8pm, GEM will flag (create) the event for 8pm GMT+1 (and store it using universal time value), not 8pm GMT (so not the server time).
BUT the date will be displayed for eveybody, using their local time. For someone playing on a computer with clock set at GMT+2, the event will show for him at 9pm.
The offset value in GEM config, is for people who want events to be shown using server time (or any other time offset), not local time.
They can set an offset from local time to match server time. If you don't set anything, it will display/create events based on your computer time (local).

Q : When are events removed from the list ?
A : Events are auto removed (not closed, removed completly from GEM) 1 hour after event's date for non-leader players, and 10 hours after event's date for leader.
Using the previous example, the event will disapear for eveybody at 9pm GMT+1 (so for the guy playing at GMT+2 time, it will disapear when his computer's clock will reachs 10pm).

- Add a sorting plugin : By assigning points to someone (DKP like)
- Add a sorting plugin : By auto adding ppl on a list for the event (only when already created, by using AddExternal)
- Find a way to *block* people we don't want to subscribe (auto ban your ignore list, for example)
- Add an auto-banned list (in Create new Events tab ?)
- Option to limit event creation to officers (not possible but see CanViewOfficerNote() IsGuildLeader() )
- Handle event restrictions (guild only) -- Tag event with a bit 'guild only'
- Possibility to modify the subscription comment
- Auto purge with GEM_Players[].lastleave too old
- If debug mode is ON, duplicate log to saved structure in file (array of lines)
- GEM_COM_JoinChannel() -> Change DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:GetID(), by a value specified in config

- Handle guild channel as GEM channel
- Add a new type of limit : Healers (priest/druid/paladin/shaman) Dps (rogue/mage/hunter) (v666.0)

- Panel transparency
- Grey-out invite button for players already in your group, and change their color in the list of subscribers

- Setting a channel with a password, will not be re-joined upon next login

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