Guild Organizer is a mod written originally by Sardonic to help keep track of which alts belong to which characters. It allows you to combin...


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Guild Organizer is a mod written originally by Sardonic to help keep track of which alts belong to which characters. It allows you to combine characters into an expandable list. It also increases the size of the public notes field and allows you to add your own private notes. All data is saved locally and it does not communicate with other players.

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GuildOrganizer v3.0 Patch Notes History

-Fixed for Patch 1.9. Tell me if there are any problems.

-Implemented Saur's scroll window bug fix. This should negate the need for go_tolerance. (Thanks Saur!)
-Fixed an issue that may cause UI scaling problems.

-Fixed a bug in the .toc. Savedvariables now saved in the SavedVariables\GuildOrg.lua file appropriately.
-GO compass button should correctly disappear when closing the compass. (Thanks Maischter)
-GO window should now close when you hit ESC. (Thanks Sub0)
-Fixed a bug where the go_toggle button would not work. This bug was causing problems with any keys pressed except the esc key while the go window was open.
-Changed TOCInterface: 1700
-Added Last Online column options to the two toggle columns.
-Sort and reverse sort functionality for Last Online columns.

**Please note to backup your GuildOrg data you must now backup the file in the WOW directory under \WTF\Account\<Account Name>\SavedVariables\GuildOrg.lua

-Fixed the minimap icon so that it properly scales with UI scaling changes again.

-Fixed a bug introduced in 2.2 that caused the Zone column not to display correclty.

-Characters marked as 'mains' will now float to the top of a branch when none of the branch members are online.
-For reasons unknown to me, it was sometimes hard to click on the GuildOrg compass button. I've fixed at least 1 occurance of this problem.
-I've cleaned up the code a bit.

-A new slash command has been added /go tolerance <number from 1 - 255> will increase the scroll size of the GO window by the specified number.
-A new slash command has been added /go resync - this will attempt to remove guild members who are no longer in your guild. Please back up you SavedVariables before using this - I've not run into an issue yet where it has deleted the wrong data BUT I could imagine a laggy scenario where this command would wipe our you /go database.

Updated TOC Interface # to 1300.

-You can now sort and reverse sort the toggle columns (officer note and rank specifically).
-The editbox should clear focus after you take an action that requires editbox text.
-Fixed a bug with certain chat addons giving a 'nil' value error.
-GuildOrg is now more tolerant of corrupt SavedVariable.lua data. This fixes errors generated when sorting a corrupt table.

-Scroll bar correctly disappears when not needed.
-Scroll bar resets when toggling show offline members.
-Scroll bar should work much better in general now when you have data from 2 seperate guilds in your GO table.
-Reworked the topright close button so it appears to fit now.
-Moved the Guild Organizer version number up to make room for the MOTD.
-Fixed the length of the private note column, text should be correctly truncated when to large for the column.
-Increased the size of the Edit box to fit the window. previously it was only about 1/4th the length it needed to be.

-Added Guild Org list totals, online member totals, number of configured alts total.
- NOTE: If the Guild Org list total is higher than the guild list total, likely a member has left the guild.
-Guild MOTD is now displayed. This MOTD supports 210 characters instead of the standard 60!
-New Buttons
- A new Set Guild MOTD button will set the Guild MOTD to whatever is in the edit box. (assuming you have permission)
- Set Public note will set the public note on all checked characters to whatever is in the edit box. (assuming you have permission)
- Set Officer note will set the officer note on all checked characters to whatever is in the edit box. (assuming you have permission)
- Guild Invite will attempt to invite the name typed into the editbox into the guild. (assuming you have permission)
- Promote will attempt to promote the rank of all checked members. (assuming you have permission)
- Demote will attempt to demote the rank of all checked memeber. (assuming you have permission)
- The left and right arrow keys will toggle the second to last and last columns respectively - Rank, Officer Note, Original note can be cycled through.

(Lots of changes, please report any bugs, and, as always, before installing back up your /World of Warcraft/WTF/<account>/SavedVariables.lua file!)

-Updated TOC for new patch.

-Updated TOC file for 2/15/05 patch.
-Clicking the set/unset main button will now uncheck all checked boxes after executing.
-Fixed a bug where online members who left the guild would show online until deleted.
-Added 2 slash commands:

- /go delete-guild-data - Deletes all guild org entries for the current guild. (You may have to run this cammand a couple of times to clear out all of the data.)
- /go delete-all-data - Deletes all data from the Guild Org list. (useful if GO table is corrupt.)

-The Guild Organizer will attempt to register with CT_mod. The only option is to hide/show the compass button, but HEY it's something, right?

-Compass button should no longer overlap bags.
-Added functionality to hide the compass button.
-Added Key bindings.
-Changes 'Delete Entry' to 'Delete Character' to avoid confusion.

VERSION 0.9.3 Beta:
-Added a Set/Unset Main button

VERSION 0.9.2b Beta:
-Moved the GO compass button up to not conflict with cosmos.

VERSION 0.9.2 Beta:
-Added a Delete button.
-Really I fixed the gypsy conflicts this time.

VERSION 0.9.1 Beta:
-Added reverse sort.
-Fixed a bug where the guild list would not refresh on guild roster load.
-Fixed a bug where loot window would be displaced after using GuildOrg.
-Changed the click on user functionality to check all alts and expand the main.
-Moved the guild org button to the left so as not to conflict with Gypsy mod.

Initial release

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