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Main focus of this UI is to provide PvP (now also PvE) oriented players a clean and FPS friendly set of addons that work well with eachother...


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Main focus of this UI is to provide PvP (now also PvE) oriented players a clean and FPS friendly set of addons that work well with eachother. Many thx to the authors of the addons i am using and to the ppl testing them. Most of the mods are Ace2 and soon all will be :)

The UI is based mostly on ACE2 addons. Reson for this is optimal performance and functionality. Ace2 is a high quality library and therefore most of addons built on it are superior to their non ace family. Another thing i tried to do is completly remove art. Imo Art is a waste of space on screen and severely decreases visibility/performance.


- !ClearFont - !OmniCC - AG Unitframes - Auto Attack - Auto Trinket Loader - Bartender2 - BigWigs - Detox - Elkanos Buff Bar - FuBar - FuBar Modules: Assist, Battleground, Clock, DuraTek, Honor, Itembonuses, Location, Mail, ModMenu, Money, Performance, Guild, Volume - Gmail - HostelBar - IdChat2 - Otravi Casting Bar - OneBag (OneBag, OneBank, OneRing, OneView) - oRA2 - oSkin - Squeenix - Squishy - SuperInspect - TinyTip

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Download 'halid25.rar' (7.42MB)


I decided to provide a WTF file with new version also due to several requests. It is made for 1280x1024 res. When u download the file replace your ADDONS, FONTS and WTF folder with my files. Then go to WTF --> Account. Rename "youraccountname" folder with your information. Enter the folder and rename "yourservername" with your server. Enter the folder and rename "yourcharactername" with your char. Enter game :P!

If you want to change it further to fit your style use fubar mod menu. Its the last icon in top left side.


- !OmniCC: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-3809-1-omni-...

Omni Cooldown Count (OmniCC) is a universal cooldown count plugin. Anything that uses the default functions for cooldown models should have a cooldown count added with this addon, including the default blizzard action bars, your inventory, and the character sheet.

- AG Unitframes: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/Ag_UnitFrames

A unit frame addon, written using object oriented development techniques from Ace2. It applies its layout from a theme table, allowing for great flexibility for users wishing to customize their unit frames.

The history of this unit frame addon goes back quite some time, actually. The idea was born out of a frame addon called MiniGroup, developed by jaslaughter. This eventually spawned MiniGroup2 and another developer started to step in to the picture to take it over: drewkeller. Drewkeller started to become busy with other projects and that is where AndreasG (ag) enters the picture to continue development on that project. As the code behind MiniGroup2 was getting larger and, in some ways, more cumbersome to both expand and keep bugfree, a rewrite was started utilizing Ace2. Ag_UnitFrames was born! While essentially a completely new unit frame from the ground up, much of the frame design and features are based on MiniGroup, to which all the developers and original creators are owed a big "thank you!"


- Auto Trinket Loader: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-4223-1-autot...

- BigWigs: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/BigWigs

BigWigs is a boss alert mod. It consists of many individual "boss modules", mini addons that are designed to trigger alert messages and timer bars for one specific raid boss each. Modules are activated when you target or mouseover a Boss, or if any other BigWigs use in your raid does. In most cases only one module will be running at any given time.

- Detox: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/Detox

Detox is a lag-free replacement of Decursive, using all the neat embedded libraries the Ace world has to offer. It has all the features Decursive offers, plus a filtering by range.

- FuBar: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/FuBar

Fubar is a panel that modules can plug into.

- HostelBar: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/HostelBar

Now, what the hell does it acctualy do? Well - its pretty simple. When an enemy begins to cast or casts a spell, HostelBars detects this and checks for the spell in its database. If it finds the spell then it shows a timer bar for that spell. There are four different types of timer bars: Cooldowns, Buffs, Durations and Casts.

- IdChat2: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/IdChat2

idChat is an addon that alters the look and functionality of the chatframes.

- OneBag (OneBag, OneBank, OneRing, OneView): http://www.wowace.com/index.php/OneBag

OneBag is a replacement for the default game bags that combines all the bags into one frame. There are already addons out there that do this, so why OneBag? Mainly because I wanted a simpler, more system-friendly bag.

- oRA2: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/ORA2

oRA2 is a lightweight CTRA replacement. It contains everything a raider needs apart from raidframes.

It is fully compatible with the messages CTRA sends.

- oSkin: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/OSkin

oSkin replaces the default skin of the Blizzard UI with a simpler look.

It also includes the ability to change the 'View" of the game by adding configurable Top and Bottom bars to the game window.

- Squeenix: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/Squeenix

Squeenix is a simple square minimap addon. It does the basic bits, applies a new texture/mask to the minimap, hides a few of the default frames. As a small bonus it also enables the mousewheel as a means of zooming in or out.

- Squishy: http://www.wowace.com/index.php/Squishy

Squishy is an Ace2 raid and party emergency monitor with a look and feel similar to PerfectRaid. It's main difference to other unit frames is that the ordering of the 10 people displayed is defined by a set of modifiers, which will (de-)priorize players based various factors (unit is in your subgroup, unit has aggro, unit is just being healed by someone else, PvE only: class modifiers, warriors are more important than e.g. rogues, unit is out of mana (mainly for PvP), unit is targetted by yourself, and obviously: current health).

- SuperInspect: http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-4675-1-super...

Ever wish you could check out that cool sword or helmet model that guy had without following him around and trying to move your camera just right to get a good look? Ever wish you could get up close and personal with that awsome shield model without having the owner think you are stalking them? Ever wish you could freely view that really cool looking mob from a safe distace? Ever just wanted to view a really nice character model at your leisure without having to navigate your character to do it? SuperInspect is for you....

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