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HealBot allows for 20 key mouse combinations to cast any beneficial spells. HealBot allows for 20 key mouse combinations to cast on disabled bars. HealBot can track and display who has aggro Any usable item can be added to all combos. Any existing macro can be added to all combos. Target, Focus and Assist can be added to all combos HealBot can be used for decursive functions HealBot can be used for monitoring buffs and buffing HealBots appearance can be configured and preferred appearances can be saved as skins. HealBot can show party/tanks/checked targets/extras in a raid, extras can be filtered and sorted. Multiple HealBots in a party/raid sync incoming heals. HealBot will accurately range check at all times for spells and items. HealBot has a built in res monitor and is compatible with CTRA (CTRA not required) HealBot has a SmartCast out of combat option, this will cast a spell in the following order..

1. res 2. decurse 3. buff 4. heal 5. user setting



Slash Commands:
/hb o - open options panel
/hb x - initiate spells and equipment bonuses
/hb ri - reset bars displayed
/hb info - display versions of Healbot in party/raid
/hb ui - reload ui
/hb defaults - Reset default options
/hb show - reset the position of the bars to default
/hb cb - Clears the BlackList


Frequently Asked Questions.
1. Can I use HealBot with none healing classes.
2. Can the bars be sorted and only show those most needing heals and allow key/mouse combos to heal.
3. Will a future version of HealBot have a SmartCast feature while in combat.
4. Can I hide the incoming heals estimator.
5. Can I hide all the bars and only show those needing a debuff removed.
6. Can HealBot be sorted by groups, for example have 2 Groups per column.
7. I have a slow PC, are there any options I should set?
8. I can't see when people are out of range, how do I fix this?

1: Can I use HealBot with none healing classes.
* Yes

2: Can the bars be sorted and only show those most needing heals and allow key/mouse combos to heal.
* Not possible in WoW 2.x

3: Will a future version of HealBot have a SmartCast feature while in combat.
* Not possible in WoW 2.x

4: Can I hide the incoming heals estimator.
* Yes.
* On the Skins tab, reduce the incoming heals opacity.

5: Can I hide all the bars and only show those needing a debuff removed.
* Yes.
* On the Healing tab, set the Alert Level to 0.
* On the Skins tab, set the Disabled opacity to 0, then click on the bar Disabled and set the Disabled text opacity to 0 (far right slider in colour picker), then same for the Background and Border.

6: Can HealBot be sorted by groups, for example have 2 Groups per column.
* From 2.0, yes.
* On the Skins tab, switch on Show Headers and then set the Number of Headers(Groups) per column.

7: I have a slow PC, are there any options I should set?
* Yes, the following options will have HealBot running lite.
* On the General tab: turn off Close Automatically.
* On the Healing tab: turn off Targets, set Alert Level to 75% or lower.
* On the Healing tab: set Range Check Frequency to 0.4sec or higher.
* On the Healing tab: Show extra bars for specific classes your responsible for healing.
* On the Buffs tab: turn off also in combat
* Turn off the Aggro Monitor
* Turn off Fluid Bars

8: I can't see when people are out of range, how do I fix this?
* On the skins tab, reduce the disabled bar opacity, to reduce the text opacity click on the bar labeled Disabled.

Quick Guide

=== Pre defined combos ===
Ctrl Alt Left: This Enables or Disables (default) the bar, use this if you always want focus on certain targets.
Ctrl Alt Middle: This adds the name on the bar to the BlackList, a use for this might be to BlackList imps. Note to clear the blacklist: ResetHB or ReloadUI or type /hb cb

=== General tab ===
Disable HealBot: Disabled all events and hides the bars
Show Minimap Button: Show button on minimap, hold right mouse button to move
Lock position: Locks the frame
Anchor: Set the anchor point, Healbot will then grow away from the anchor
Close automatically: Closes the frame when no one needs a buff added/debuff removed/heal and only when out of combat
Play sound on open: Plays a sound when the frame is opened.
Hide options button: Hides the options button on the frame.
Right click on panel opens options: Right click on edges will open the options.
Hide Party Frames: Hide the standard party frames - Including Player optional
Monitor Aggro: Track everyone with aggro allowing you to be a proactive healer, bar will enable for all in range with aggro
Use Fluid Bars: Update the bars in a fluid motion - Only use this option if the update is fast and smooth.
Chat Options: send a message when casting.

=== Spells tab ===
Set spells for: select Enabled bars at all times (which includes at all times in combat) or Disabled bars when out of combat.
Button: select the button for binding a spell to that button.
Click/Shift/Ctrl/Alt: Enter the spell in here to bind. Note: any item can also be entered, also Target/Assist/Focus can be entered.
Use Enabled Settings when Target in Combat: If your out of combat and the target is in combat, the enabled (combat) setting is used
Always use Enabled Settings: Always use Enabled (Combat) Settings
Avoid accidental PVP flagging: Keep bars disabled if the target is PVP flagged and your not
SmartCast: Use this to automatically select a spell when out of combat, this binds to the left click. The types of spells can also be enabled/disabled, for example Druids might want to turn off res.

=== Healing tab ===
Self: Show a bar for yourself
Group: Show bars for your group.
Tanks: Show bars for the tanks
Target: Show bars for members you target, note up to 10 raid members can be checked.
Extra: Show bars for any raid members not selected from the above, extras can be filtered on this tab.
Pets: Show bars for any pets in your party/raid
Alter level: Highlight the bars and text when a members health drops below this level.
Range Check Frequency: How often range checking is performed on enabled bars - if Monitor Aggro is enabled, this will alternate with a Range Check at this frequency.
Sorting and Filtering: this is for extra bars.
Configure classes for: Set classes for class types Melee/Ranged/Healers/Custom. Note these types can be used with filtering extra bars, monitoring debuffs and buffs.

=== Cure tab ===
Monitor to remove debuffs and in combat: set these options to monitor.
Spell to debuff: set the spell you would use, ie. Remove Curse would monitor for Curse. Note. these are the spells SmartCast will use, to use a spell in combat you must set it on the spells tab, by default Alt Left and Alt Right will have a spell set.
Ignore Debuff: Options to ignore debuffs not normally decused, see below.
Health bar colours: Change the members bar to this colour when affected by a debuff. The colour can be changed by clicking on the bar.
Debuff Warnings: options for giving warnings when a members has been affected by a debuff.

Ignore Debuffs options:
- Irrelevant by class: Debuffs should as mana effect on warriors/rogues.
- Non harmful effect: Debuffs which do no harm, such as Hunter's mark.
- Short duration: Debuffs which only last for a few seconds.
- Slow movement effect: Debuffs which only effect movement speed.

=== Skins tab ===
Lots of options here, best to simply play around with them.
Things to note are:
If you find an appearance you like, give it a name and save the skin.
Set the number of columns to 0, this sorts bars by headers.
Everything on this tab does something, click on the bars for colour options.

=== Tips tab ===
Show Tooltips: shows a tooltip with usable spell/item
Show target information: shows information about the target, name/class/health and if needing a buff or affected by a debuff.
Show detailed spell information: show details for spells including bonuses.
Show instant cast recommendation: shows if the target would benefit from spells such as shield and HoT's
Position tooltip: set where the tooltip is displayed
Bar Information options: show information on the bar such as class/health as a delta or %/set text to class colour.
Show HoT icons: Allows you to track your own Hots

=== Buff tab ===
Monitor for buffs and in combat: set to monitor for buffs, recommend not setting in combat.
Spell to buff: set the spell to monitor for, note in cases like MotW and GotW only MotW is an option but both buffs are treated the same. note SmartCast will use the buff set, if for example a Paladin wanted to use a greater blessing then set it on the spells tab.
Check Members: set to monitor members in your group or the raid (includes group) or a certain class or just yourself.
Bar Colours: click on the bar to set the colour you want when members of your party/raid are in need of a buff, their bar colour will change to the setting on the buff tab.

=== Defaults ===
Click this to set defaults, note any extra saved skins will be lost.

Macro Examples

Available in the readme.html file.

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