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NB. this was Holgaards Healbot but Holgaard has been MIA for sometime. Duncan took over for a little while but doesnt have time to support....


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NB. this was Holgaards Healbot but Holgaard has been MIA for sometime. Duncan took over for a little while but doesnt have time to support.

NOTE: For HealBot to work corrently, the Selfcast feature in wow options needs to be disabled.

Option changes from the original HealBot. 1. The option Integrate with default party frames has been removed. (v1.0) 2. The option Minimum healing used has been removed. (v1.0) 3. The option Exact 28yard range check in instances has been added. (v1.0) 4. The option Bigger heals << Preference >> Faster casts has been added. (v1.0) 5. The option Overheal Alert slider has been added (v1.12) 6. The option to select PvE or PvP profiles has been added. (v1.12) 7. Merged tabs Keys and Chat into Misc. (v1.121) 8. Create new tab Emerg, a number of new options for emergency buttons on this tab. (v1.121) 9. Tided up the buttons on some other tabs. (v1.121) 10. The option Bar Opacity has been added. (V1.123)


Possible Improvements * Read spell information from spellbook and remove need for talent lookups * Add target needs buff Description of HealBot by the original author.

When loaded, HealBot will identify your healing spells and wait until you or a party member has been injured to a configurable percentage (default 90%). At that point a panel will appear with buttons for each applicable target that allows direct casting of an appropriate healing spell on that target. HealBot will even attempt to predict how much healing the target will be needing once the casting completes in order to select the correct level of spell.

Please note that HealBot (for now at least) might not be satisfying for main healing classes such as Priests, as they have a number of healing options and lots of experience in using them. Please let me know if you have suggestions to improve the spell selection.


Installation :

Unpack the zipped file and place the HealBot folder under Interface/AddOns in your World of Warcraft directory. Path with default installation: C:Program FilesWorld of WarcraftInterfaceAddOnsHealBot

Chat commands :

/hb - toggles the main HealBot panel on and off /hb options - toggles the HealBot options panel on and off /hb reset - resets the contents of the main HealBot panel

Instructions :

HealBot will display a button for each healable member of the party in the main panel, which becomes visible once anybody needs healing. The level for this is 90% of full health and may be adjusted in the options panel. Once everybody is healed, the main panel disappears. This show/hide behaviour may be disabled in the options panel as well.

Once HealBot estimates that a party member has 15 seconds or less left given the current incoming damage, the remaining number of seconds is shown in parenthesis after the name. Please bear in mind that this period can rapidly change if the member acquires or loses opponents.

When the heal button for a party member is clicked, HealBot will look through the available healing spells and select an appropriate spell based on the estimated healing needed once the spell completes. If the caster is currently under attack, spells of a shorter duration is preferred. The target (only) is notified by a whisper chat message.

HealBot displays adds a healing button for the current selected target. If this unit belongs to the caster's raid group or is the pet of one of these, an additional checkbox appears next to the button. If this box is checked then that unit is added to to the main list of healing targets and a new button becomes available for the mouse target. In this way up to 5 additional members of the raid party can be assigned to buttons.

HealBot has an integration option for the normal player,party and target frames. If this is enabled Alt-clicking one of these frames will cast an appropriate healing spell on that unit. Likewise, there is also an integration option for CT_RaidAssist. Again use Alt-clicking to heal.

HealBot currently has spell lists for Druids, Hunters, Paladins, Priests and Shamans. The Health Funnel spell for Warlocks is not included. The healing spells included does not affect more than one target, so Shamans must manually cast Chain Heals and Healing Stream Totems. HealBot knows about Power Word: Shield and will attempt to use it.

HealBot is also able to identify bandages, healthstones and healing potions and will select to use these if mana is running low (for spell casters). Use of each of the different sources of healing (spells and items) can be configured in the options panel.

If the shift or control key is pressed while clicking the heal button, HealBot will select only cast from a single line of spells. This mapping is configurable with the default setting being:

Priests: Shift => Flash Heal Control => Power Word: Shield Druids: Shift => Rejuvenation Shamans: Shift => Lesser Healing Wave Paladins: Shift => Flash of Light

It is possible to enter the exact rank of spell to cast; if not done, HealBot will select the highest level of spell (only in these combinations). It is also possible to enter other spells than the known healing spells.

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