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This is a UI compilation that I personally use and I absolutely love it. I've found it to be far more pleasing than the other UI mods, such...


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This is a UI compilation that I personally use and I absolutely love it. I've found it to be far more pleasing than the other UI mods, such as Ultimate UI. Not only does the mod look great, but it mainly just supplies you with things you can always use, and setting it up is fairly easy, supplying several different menus and bars for making the UI look and act just how you want it to.

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 This compilation contains some of the best UI modifications created for for World of Warcraft, it was made initially as a personal collection but after realizing getting some of these mods to work together or even standalone was a bit complicated for the average user I decided to release this compilation. Credit should go to the original authors of the modifications who gave their free time and effort to bring us all these great enhancements to the game.

# These are all the UI mods included with version 1.6 BETA 02 of the Recompilation  *AllInOneInventory v0.45 by Sarf
# *Atlas v0.9.5 by Razark
# *Auctioneer v3.0.4 by Norganna [DefaultState: Disabled]
# *BankItems v1.0 by Kaitlin
# -CombatStats v3.95 by Glacier with minor modifications.
# *Cooldown Count v0.43 by Sarf with Bibtoolbars support
# CT AllBags v1.0
# CT MasterMod v1.67 with modified defaults
# CT BagMod v1.1
# CT BuffMod v1.73
# CT HailMod v1.1
# CT ItemBuffs v1.33
# *CT MailMod v1.3
# CT Moveable Bags v1.1
# CT Moveable Party v1.21
# *CT PartyBuffs v1.45
# *CT PartyHealth v1.3
# CT PlayerNotes v1.2
# CT QuestLevels v1.2
# *CT Raid Assist v1.153
# *CT TickMod 2.2
# CT Timer v1.1
# *CT UnitFrames v1.57 with modified defaults
# -Damage Watch v1.06 by Mairelon
# Defense Tracker v2.03 by Tekkub
# Enchantrix v1.14 by Norganna
# -Enhanced TradeSkillFrame v1.11 by Pinky
# *Equip Compare v2.8.1 by Legorol
# *Gatherer v2.0.3 by Norganna
# Healix v4.4 by Lelek
# Insomniax BibCore v3.3 by Ian Bibby with modified defaults and new graphics by LedMirage
# Insomniax BibToolBars v3.3 by Ian Bibby with tweaks, modified defaults and new graphics by LedMirage
# *Insomniax CombatCaller v2.2 a modified version of Alex Brazie's original by Ascendant
# *Insomniax CustomTooltip v1.3 a modified version of Verona's original by LedMirage
# Insomniax Icon Mover v1.0 by Ramdor
# Insomniax PlayerFramePlus v1.1 by LedMirage
# Insomniax Shell Mini-map buttons by LedMirage
# +KC Enhanced Trades v0.98c by Kaelten
# *KillLog v2.19 by Frenn
# *LootLink v1.5.0 by Telo
# *MapNotes (Continued) v1.5c by Oysteinn
# -MapNotes v0.5.3 by Moeg with a fix to display raid members by LedMirage
# Monkey Buddy v1.5 by Trentin with modified defaults
# Monkey Speed v1.5.1 by Trentin with modified font
# Monkey Quest v1.5 by Trentin with modified font and defaults
# *Name Cycle v0.3-1500 by Iriel
# PetAttack v1.6 by Rauen
# PetDefend v1.6 by Rauen
# PetFeed v1.11 by Rauen. Updated/localized version by VincentGdG [DefaultState: Disabled]
# *QuickLoot v1.5.0 by Telo
# +Recap v2.64 by Gello
# *Reputation v0.13 by Egris and Karmond
# *Scrolling Combat Text v3.0 by Grayhoof
# -SEA Library by Alexander Yoshi and Cide
# *SelfCast v1.5.0 by Telo
# +ShardTracker NCS v2.34 by Gottac
# -ShardTracker v1.1 non-cosmos by Cragganmore
# SmartPet v1.5 by Dreyruugr
# *StatusBars 1.6.5 by Daniel Wesslen [DefaultState: Disabled]
# +TackleBoxSA v1.1 by Aalnydara
# Titan Alarm Clock Wrangler v1.041 by Fallan
# *Titan Panel v1.24 by TitanMod
# +Titan Recap Plugin v1.0 by Chicogrande (with a NIL error bug fix by LedMirage)
# Toy Bar v0.4.2 by Ald(Huki)
# Warwatch v0.2 by Malphaseous

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