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Inventory Hawk Languages: English/French/German/Korean Version: 3.4.0 Author: Stephen Blaising

This addon is a must for all crafters, miners, herbalists, alchemists, cooks and fisherman.

Inventory Hawk is an incredibly dynamic addon that shows inventory items you wish to keep on display. It also allows for right click and right clicck actions, including crafting actions, on the item. You can set goals, conversion amounts, warning levels and many more options per item.

The alt's item counter addition allows you to have displayed the total of your alts item counts and also display in the Tooltips the individual alts counts per item.

This addon will also display money count and empty slots count and per bag slot counts. The counter provides many features that make it easy to track and assess your important inventory items.

Adding items is simple, just drag an item from your bags and drop it on the list or top buttom, or just manually type it in.

You can also put the list in the background where it will have a customizable transparency and not interfere with mouse clicks or mouse targeting.

Right clicking on the top button displays a main option menu that is very straight forward.

Clicking on the items in the item list will display an option menu for that particular item.

Inventory Hawk uses Merphle's BankStatement code to count bank items. Inventory Hawk does not interfere with nor replace any of the features found in Merphle's BankStatement. In fact, if you have Merphle's BankStatement loaded, the internal code for bank counting will no longer run and Inventory Hawk will use the output of Merphle's BankStatement instead. I would like that thank Merphle for providing some quick and easy code for counting bank items in his Merphle's BankStatement. To use the bank feature, you must first open a bank frame (go to the bank) to initialize the bank count.


Adding an item ( three ways to do it ):

- Click on an item in your bags. - Click and drag an item from any of your bags on to the list or title button. - Click on an item from any of your bags and then click on the title button. - Choose 'Manually Add New Item' from the main option menu.

Sorting an item:

- Click on the item then move the slider on the dialog box.

Features: * Counts items in your inventory, bank and alts for display. * Toggle hide/show of list. * Toggle hide/show of categories. * Autohide list. * Autohide Title button. * List up to 30 items at a time. * Execute a craft skill or use the item when you right click on a list item. * Easily add items by either: drag and drop from your bags, clicking on the item in bag and the title button, or manually type it in. * Track reagents based on a trade craftable item. (not to replace a full-fledged trade tracker). Select the trade craft you wish to track and then select 'Track Craft Reagents'. * Change the title bar to a money display. * Change the title bar to a reagent watcher. * Count your total empty slots, even bag empty slots. * Informative tooltips. * Include informative category bars. * Sort items. * Set low level warnings for individual items. * Set goal levels for individual items. * Set conversion amount for individual items. Primarily for when you have an item that, when reaching a certain amount, you can convert into a higher quality item. * Changeable item alias name, so you can shorten the name or give it a more descriptive title. * Display the list with icons or just have the list displayed in the background with a changeable transparency. * Changeable alignment of the list between left and right. * Changeable title and list font sizes. * Change transparency of main list background. * Change transparency of Title button background. * And a boat load more...seriously!

Recommended Dependent Addon: * CharacterProfiler

Compatible with: * AllInOneInventory * MyInventory * EngInventory * CharacterProfiler

Acknowledgements: * Madorin ( maker of Mad Reagents ) for allowing me to use his idea for displaying reagents on the title button. * Vorpale for French translation. * Maischter and VincentGdG for German translation. * Telo's Clock ( the basic framework that I use to build my Addons ). * QuestIon by Celdor ( the basis for using drop down menus, and for the fixing Blizzards drop down menu code ). * Merphle's BankStatement ( for the bank counting code ). * ReagentCalc by Mattperry ( for the function for which I use to select the reagent to track crafts ). * Enitjus ( for the Bagnon addition ) * All of the users that have given great suggestions that have made this Addon become exceptional better than it was originally intended.

!! IMPORTANT !! Use Titan Hawk 3.0.1 + for Titan Panel compatibility.

Soon to be released: Fubar Hawk (When they add OnReceiveDrag to their API)!

License: This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program (see GLP.txt); if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

Printable commands list Patch Notes

Version 3.4.0 New Features: * Works with BC * Supports only CharacterProfiler for bank and alt items.

Version 3.3.1 New Features: * Requires CharacterProfiler for bank counts. Will not show bank counts without it.

Version 3.3.0-1.12 New Features: * Supports CharacterProfiler (now used by CharactersViewer and ArmorCraft). * If you have CharacterProfiler, it will use this to count bank and alt items. * Works with GuildProfiler, also. Thanks for heads-up Arzach.

Fixes: * Bank count of bags with greater than 16 slots. * German word for Smelting. * Hidden bag text is now truly hidden. * Fixed an AddonSupport bug when trying to get link info.

note: I will be requiring CharacterProfiler in the future. As more gamers are using CharacterProfiler ( as other addons are requiring it more), there is no good reason to run the same processes that CP runs. It also much faster to pull data from the CP database than to create it myself and then pull it.

Version 3.2.2-1.12 New Features: * Will now count all bags, even ammo/specialty bags, but will still disregard any empty slots within them.

Version 3.2.0-1.11 New Features: * All items are now per category. * Option to open/close(hide) whole categories. * Sorting is now per category. * Added some Korean Localization via the efforts of Papertiger of Wildhammer. * Also made creating localization a bit easier by replacing all English (that I could find) with localization variables. * Added option to choose to disable the automatic Item Options Dialog from opening up, when you add a new item. * Added the ability to Click on an item in your inventory to quickly add it to your list. * Added slash command 'options' to show the options menu. * Added the ability to Click on the item list to display the options menu. * Tracking a craft will now create a new category for the skill craft item and place all needed reagents into the category. * Added option to reset the item goal amount to zero when the item goal is reached. * Added support for the latest BibMod.

Fixes: * Fixed an error that popped up if you didn't have any alt counting addons. * Fixed some ammo bags and soul bags from being counted. * Fixed a localization error when trying to use /ih help/. * Fixed a Bagnon issue when trying to count with a variation of Bagnon. 3.2.1: More fixes Known Bugs with this version

No known issues


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