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About ItemPriceTooltip

ItemPriceTooltip is an addon that adds vendor sell values to tooltips for items. It uses the library ItemPrice-1.0 that knows the sell values for a large number of items in the game. Furthermore, ItemPriceTooltip records vendor sell values for items in your bag when you visit a vendor if an item with an unknown or incorrect price is found. ItemPriceTooltip is an Ace2 addon and all required libraries are included in the download.



Why another sell-value addon?

Excellent question. There are several great addons out there that show vendor sell values on item tooltips. Many of them come with their own big database of sell values. ItemPriceTooltip was originally created mostly as a 'proof of concept' for the library ItemPrice-1.0 which intends to create a common source for addons needing sell-values. As such ItemPriceTooltip is not as feature-rich as some of the other similar addons. However, it does hook into a larger number of item tooltips than many of the other addons. It is also highly efficient both memory and CPU-wise due to using ItemPrice-1.0.

How complete and accurate are the price data?

All vendor sell values come from one single source: www.wowhead.com. It is my experience that this site is generally highly accurate and fairly complete. However, no price database is perfect and there are no doubt some incorrect prices - but I have not seen any myself yet. Should you discover incorrect prices, I suggest that you put a comment on www.wowhead.com regarding this. (Don't refer to ItemPriceTooltip, though. I doubt they have any interest in the addon - or even know about it.) 

How often are price data update?

Price data are regularly updated when new or changed prices are found on www.wowhead.com. I currently update prices every 1-2 days. The version on this site will not be updated quite as often, though. The latest version will always be available at: http://files.wowace.com/ItemPriceTooltip/ItemPriceTooltip.zip

Planned features

Currently there are no planned features. It is intended to be a simple addon. The only small feature I am considering, is a way to customize color and format of the text on the tooltip.

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